Is Playing Old Games A Waste Of Time?

John Santina writes: "When there are so many great games released every day, what is the point in playing older games?"

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sonicsidewinder92d ago

Over the last two weeks i replayed The Witcher 1, played around in Doom (1), and am currently running through Jagged Alliance 2. There's something about older games that deserve greater recognition than the main majority of today's AAA experiences. They stand the test of time.

I'm wary to go near most new stuff. They're expensive. They're designed around DLC and other exploitive content models. The "seen it all before" gameplay experiences. Only today, I saw people on Facebook commenting on a new Crytek Logo for an open-world Crysis sequel. Why? You know exactly how it's going to play.

Old is Gold.

Ragthorn90d ago

This, exactly this. Though there are many "bad" old games, the ones that stand out and being played to this day are being played for a reason! It's why I will defend the original Deus Ex and Doom games to death. I actually had to argue with a friend that I just played Doom for over two hours, and he said, "But how?" Timeless gameplay and touch is what I said. That's simplifying it immensely, but there is a love and craft poured into those games that you don't get from many triple A releases nowadays. I still love to play newer games and am excited for Sekiro (very much so), but there is value in older games. Just like valuing older books, movies, TV shows, etc. It shouldn't be looked down upon for not playing older games because of that! Anyway, just wanted to especially reply here because I was shocked at being asked why I am playing the classic Doom games. Those games FEEL good to play and are satisfying to run through! They'll never touch it, but they'll never understand it unless they do unfortunately.

LoveSpuds90d ago

Sorry buddy, but while I agree that older games can offer just as much enjoyment and entertainment as new titles, to make such a sweeping statement that new games don't stack up is completely disingenuous and this is from someone who has played the first 5 Castlevania games and the whole MGS series over the last 6 months.

Over the last 2 weeks alone I have completed a second play through of God of War, a play through of Detroit and I am currently playing a NG+ play through of Nioh along with my latest purchase, Dead Cells. There has never been a better time to be a gamer, there are more new games released than I can keep up with.

Old games are still relevant and I enjoy them immensely, but to say new games are no good is hyperbole.

Obscure_Observer89d ago


"Old games are still relevant and I enjoy them immensely, but to say new games are no good is hyperbole."

He didn´t said that new game are not good. He said that he cautiously aproach them nowdays. And i think that´s the truth for the majority of gamers.

Doesn´t matter if a new game is good or not per se, gamers today are too sensitive. They have too many "reasons" to not buy a new game.

The protagonist is female.
The protagonist is gay
Indies/Low budged tittles.
Loot boxes
Multiplayer Only
Single Player Only

That´s is just a few reasons at the top of my mind. Back in the day, gamers didn´t care for none of the reasons i listed above. Sad but true.

FallenAngel198492d ago

Is enjoying old movies, books, television, music, comics, manga, etc a waste of time when new projects in all those mediums are always being made?

Your question’s been answered.

darthv7290d ago

There must be something good about old projects to warrant many to be remade, but rarely ever surpass the originals.

Magnus91d ago

I still visit and play my NES SNES Genesis I still love the 16bit era and 8bit era. One thing about older consoles no internet needed put the cart in bring over a few friends and have a few beers playing Mario Kart on SNES.

Smitty202090d ago

I was playing ghouls and ghosts for Sega last night 😊😊 such a good game love my retro games

franwex91d ago

I guess it's as much of a waste of time as newer ones.

KwietStorm91d ago

I've seen some wholly stupid ass articles submitted and approved on this site, but what the hell..

littletad90d ago

Blame the moderators. Most of them are fresh out of high school.

RememberThe35790d ago

They're not going to ban a stroy because you think it's stupid. Don't click on it. Problem solved.

ScarzFX90d ago

They probably saw it as an indirect way to discredit backwards compatibility (which it is) so it got the pass.

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