Early Access and Open Battlefield V Beta Release Date Announce

In a press release, DICE has finally announced the Battlefield V beta release date!

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-Foxtrot88d ago

I heard pre orders are low so I'm not surprised they are announcing the beta release date now

Just going to leave this here

81BX87d ago

So they wouldn't have if the pre orders were high?

-Foxtrot87d ago

I’m talking about not having to pre order to get into the beta

81BX87d ago

Ahhhhhh gotcha! I dont recall having to pre order to get into bf1 beta. I could be wrong. I do remember the bf3 beta being so buggy I didnt want to get the game. There was only about 2 months between beta and release date. What a huge turn around that was. I absolutely had a great time with bf3

ArchangelMike88d ago

SO you don't have to pre-order to get into the BETA? That's great and counter intuitive at the same time. I though EA would have wanted to push pre-orders by making it a prerequisite for the open beta. Anyway, I'll give it a try, but Spiderman is out the next day and New York needs saving, so...

semifreak86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

You never had to pre-order to try the game, as I remember. Pre-ordering just gave you a couple of weeks earlier access which is pointless. And because the game is releasing soon after (within a month or so) these can't be 'betas'. They are just demos.