Out of Eight: World of Goo Review

Out of Eight writes: "With as strong as the casual PC gaming market is, taking into account online sales of these titles, there is still not much innovation in the genre. You have your match-three games, your Breakout clones, and countless other trends that are just rehashes of existing games with enhanced graphics or a new minor change in the formula. What we need is a fresh take, and that may come in the form of World of Goo. This is a construction game gone weird: goo can be connected to existing goo to form structures like bridges and towers. Sounds unique enough to me!"

The Good:
+Numerous components make for some interesting designs
+Great weird theme
+Innovative online high score list

The Not So Good:
-Can be frustrating and you can't skip past levels
-Hard to quickly select puzzle elements since they are constantly moving
-No level editor and its relatively short

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