Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Xbox One X Early Analysis - Choose Between 60fps or 4K

Eidos Montreal rounds off the reboot trilogy, building on Crystal Dynamics' work to create a lush, explorable Peruvian jungle setting. For Xbox One X version there is a choice to make once it launches though: 4K resolution or 60fps?

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bolimekurac34d ago

NATIVE 4k at locked 30 sounds good to me

Oliver_Twist33d ago

Yet another AAA game at Native 4K. Very impressive.
This time they managed to lock the framerate at 30 compared to ROTTR.

gamersday0833d ago

Most powerful console.
Uncompromised 4K.

TheCommentator33d ago

Not only in Native 4K/30, but the lighting and atmosphere are insane!

Einhander197130d ago

Yes will be buying this on X :)