Fallout 76 looks more like a glorified battle royale game and we are concerned

GameZone writes: "With everything we have seen and heard about Fallout 76 so far, it seems that Bethesda is creating another cash cow like Elder Scrolls Online."

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Cobra95130d ago

I have no doubt it will get monetized in a way similar to Elder Scrolls Online. The whole thing disgusts me, whether it turns into yet another Battle Royale or not.

obidanshinobi29d ago

This will be a Bethesda cash grab game as a service nonsense.

Aeery29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

This "article" is so stupid, poor and baseless that I find amusing how people can get caught ... Keep click on this terrible stuff!
Seriously, how is it possible to even imagine that a game like F76 is a glorified battleroyal !? Does this person know how a Battle Royal works (even vaguely) ?

nowitzki200429d ago (Edited 29d ago )

What gets me is... Their games are not built for MP. Battle system is schit for MP. Schit for SP as well but you can play at your own pace so its not as big a deal.

Gardenia29d ago

I never liked the idea of Fallout 76 from the start

KyRo29d ago

Have they done no research into what this game is? You have to opt into PvP FFS. That's the complete opposite to what BR is.

CorndogBurglar29d ago

What do you mean you have to "opt into PVP"?

It's my understanding that players are all in the world and if someone feels like shooting at you and taking your stuff then they can. Is that not right? Because if it is, then that isn't exactly "opting into" it.

KyRo29d ago

Corn dog you can kill someone once but if they fail to retaliate they get put into some kind of passive mode which is absolutely ridiculous considering it's a post apocalyptic wasteland lol.

joab77729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The truth is that enough ppl will buy this, and enough of them will get hooked that it will be worth it. I have friends that spend $100/month on ESO and others much more. It’s a really good mmo, but it’s all they have played since it’s release.
This is what they are aiming for because the amount made from micros squashes the amount made from selling a game one time to 10x as many ppl.

And I will bet you will even be able to buy skill card packs.

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Cocomelts30d ago

Bethesda will most likely turn this game into a service, releasing multiple DLCs, in-game purchases and "expansions" down the line. Basically making it a Fallout version of ESO.

Tsuru29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They said free DLC due to cosmetic microtransactions.

announced back in June.

Jinger29d ago

Not all that intrigued. I'm kinda losing interest in their Fallout universe after how lackluster 4 was

Palitera29d ago

FO3 and New Vegas have set the bar WAY too high.

Myst-Vearn29d ago

I didn't love Fallout 4 but at least it was a proper single player Fallout game.

gangsta_red29d ago

Agreed, I waited years to play F4 and was disappointed when I played it. It just didn't have that same impact as 3 or New Vegas had.

And even though I'm still interested in '76, I'm not as pumped as I could have been because 4 was terrible and this seems to be a MMO type game that's a prequel to the past games.

Can't stand when games go back instead of forward.

UltraNova29d ago

Agreed. I was literally forcing myself to finish F4 just to move on to the next game...Now all we hear about 76 is literally 10 steps back.

Bethesda is risking too much with their biggest IP.

remixx11629d ago

Wow something we agree on entirely, this game strike so many of my negative check boxes it's ridiculous and I was so hyped for FO4 after 3 and NV and I was let down harder than a choke slam. Too bad really but theirs alot of great games on the horizon so no loss really.

Kosic29d ago

The universe is great. Just the game hasn't really changed at all since #3.

Profchaos29d ago

I actually loved 4 yes we do exist but I hate mp only games reminds me of when gta v launched and online launched and stole the show rockstar then ignored single player mode

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Davidgr229d ago

I hope Fallout 76 flops.. don’t want them to ruin future games with this online only bs.If they want to add online multiplayer then it should be optional.

JohnnyPremo29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They have how many single player games? Wth are you getting mad about? Play something else. You hope it flops? What an ignorant thing to say. All because you dont want to play it. Wtf has gotten into people?

UnHoly_One29d ago

That is today's world.

"I don't like it, therefore you can't like it either."

This country is going to shit thanks to people like this.

King_Noctis29d ago

I agree. Its not like we are starving for good single player games. Its not like Bethesda suddenly release only MP game either. New Doom and Rage are coming, and they all feature SP campaign.

BongSmack29d ago

There have always been people like this.

Palitera26d ago

@ King_Noctis: Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Studios are two completely different companies. People want Bethesda STUDIOS to make SP games.

And why can't he cheer for a game fail? For each lost sale of this game, the chances for new AAA SP games increase.

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Myst-Vearn29d ago

Nobody asked for this game.

nowitzki200429d ago

I never did.. But with MP gaming as big as it is, Bethesda wants in.. We consumers make these choices with our wallets.


Wallet? Did you just assume my gender!?

Tsuru29d ago

True, but nobody asked for new IPs to come out as well. How do you know if a game is a success or a failure unless they try first.

Gh05t29d ago

Yeah forget all the people trying to mod in multiplayer into ES and Fallout Series. No one has ever asked them when they would make a co-op game, there has never been a question presented to them about it... Oh wait... Basically has had this question brought up every time they release a new game since ES Morrowind.

King_Noctis29d ago

If the gaming industry only do what we ask them to do then we’ll never get new things.

Razmiran29d ago

Pretty sure people have been trying to mod multiplayer into elder scrolls and fallout games since forever

29d ago
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