World War Z Horde Gameplay Introduces Dynamic Swarms Of Zombies

Saber Interactive’s World War Z for PS4 will be packed full of zombies. Check out the new trailer.

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Blu3_Berry29d ago

This looks like a good game similar to L4D2. I will gladly take this over nothing from Valve who refuses to make L4D3. They don't even know how to count to 3.

winter_hill29d ago

I'll bet the fat bastard knows how to count to 3 pieces of cake however. Or 3 cakes.

calactyte29d ago

Wow, that looks like fun. L4D reincarnated.

The-Matrix-has-you29d ago

Impressive. You can tell they have put a lot of work into the Dynamic Zombie Horde! Looking forward to seeing more of this one.

pody28d ago

But it honestly looks like that is all the game has to offer.