Microsoft: "We've been silent too long"

While Apple concentrates its ad spend on bashing Vista, Microsoft is focusing its latest campaign on showing the huge breadth of Windows users.

The new 'Real PC' Windows campaign, which launched during the first live The X Factor show on ITV1, was "deliberately designed to address the misconceptions that our competitors have built around PC users," said John Curran, Windows business lead, Microsoft UK.

TechRadar asked Curran what these misconceptions are, and why they are wrong.

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TheNewerGuy3680d ago

We'd all appreciate it if you shut it for a few more years,thanks

Zerodin3680d ago

DID MS rape your Tranny Mom?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3680d ago

@The Newer Guy

Looks like you pulled the puppet strings of Zerodin quite well.Nintendo and Microsoft have known how to make Zerodin flop around long ago

BulletToothtony3680d ago

cause i'm selling my dell and buying an Imac this christmas.. i'm quite excited about that!!!

Kyur4ThePain3680d ago

My family hasn't looked back since we bought 2 iPod Touches, 2 MacBooks and an iMac.
I still have 2 PCs too, but my wife now refuses to touch anything with Windows on it.
She's worse than me! LOL

PS - That pic is FUNNY.

Bnet3433680d ago

Meh. I don't care about Macs. Apple doesn't give two sh*ts about gaming and running bootcamp on a Mac totally defeats the purpose of getting a Mac.

Bnet3433680d ago

No. They can't run games that are worth my time.

tojfs79313680d ago

LOL good luck with getting software on the mac.

Ben10543680d ago

to get a mac next aswell,
all i use my pc for is internet, messageing, and work and i can do that on a mac

(im currently running my pc in safe mode because there is a virus on it and if i run it in normall mode it crashes as soon as it loads the desktop,i cant even do system restore, good old reliable windows)

SaiyanFury3680d ago

I really wish these two companies would focus more on the benefits of their respective systems instead of labeling each other. Apple started this labeling trend instead of marketing itself and speaking about it's real advantages. All they do is talk about relatively minor problems like rebooting and such. Maybe viruses are a problem on Windows, but a simple antivirus program solves that easily. You don't have to be a software engineer to wrap your mind around that concept. Microsoft has only furthered the trend with their recent "I'm a PC" commercial run. Frankly to say, it's gotten annoying on both sides. PC or Mac: I'm neither. I'm a computer user who makes his own choices and won't be labeled.

shazam3680d ago

They haven't been silent long enough.

SaiyanFury3679d ago

Maybe they should both be silent. Although with Apple's aggressive advertising, I doubt they'd remain silent for long. Lord knows MS has been silent in the past, and I respect that. Apple is trying to go after the MS market and makes their non-Mac products like the iPod Windows compatible so they can try to secure that market share. The reverse is not the same. Macs are notorious for their incompatibilities with non-Apple products. But despite Apple's success in marketing the iPod and other familiar products, I'm not convinced. I still prefer to make my own non-Apple purchases that are most compatible with Windows XP. I'm not sold on either Vista or the iMac OSX. Windows XP continues to be the most compatible and that's what I stick with.

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Millah3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Poor Microsoft...your past is coming back to bite you in the butt now huh? I think its hilarious how bad Microsoft is shaking now at Apples insane Mac growth. Seems like PC users who bought iPods or iPhones keep switching to a Mac left and right, pretty crazy how Apple has that Halo effect with their products.

illizit3679d ago

Yes, their insane growth.. what is it now, about 3% market share? hah..

Millah3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Um yea I said "GROWTH" genius, not current market share. Mac sales have grown at an enormous rate, over 20% for the past year or two, while the rest of the industry only grew about 3-4%. Thats growth at about 5 times the rest of the industry, which is pretty big deal, otherwise Microsoft wouldn't bother retaliating which is exactly why they never did before.

Lol I love how I get disagreed for just putting out facts and numbers, fanboys just love to argue. You guys can go look these numbers up for yourself, Apple just released their Q4 numbers and once again reported record breaking Mac sales.

Bathyj3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I have nothing to add to this topic, other than to laugh my arse off at that title.



Well obviously its not about their games VP's.

I'm done. ;)

Oh wait, one more.

(Read in Rip Torns grouchiest voice.)

"If you can dodge Vista, you can dodge bullets."

Bathyj3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Sorry, didn't mean to post here.

I should say something now.


What king of name is Rip Torn anyway?

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