Devcom 2018: Cory Barlog offers a glimpse of Egypt and what might have been for God of War

Cory Barlog, director of this year’s God of War reboot, gave a glimpse at what could have been during his Devcom 2018 talk.

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gangsta_red118d ago

It would have been cool for Kratos to go this route or the Japanese patheon. But Norse seemed like a next logical if not obvious choice.

Here's hoping that maybe the sequels can introduce them in parallel with the Norse gods.

Katiepie118d ago

I fully expect to see some other pantheons pulled into the series in the later sequels.

AK91117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Could you imagine Kratos having a Japanese kid or an Egyptian kid?

goldwyncq117d ago

Kratos to his Japanese kid:


Lionsguard117d ago

@goldwyncq It wouldn't be "Shonen". Shonen is just a genre aimed at males. It doesn't mean "boy".

jukins117d ago

Norse works mostly because the mythology occurs around roughly the same time and in countries/areas not far from one another.

At least for me that's whT makes it believable otherwise it just would feel weird to see kratos in all these mythologies that are ideologically very different not to mention the times when they occurred.

AnubisG117d ago

I'm sorry, could you clear this up? Are you saying that Norse mythology occures around the same time as Greek mythology?

jukins117d ago

In the game they happen at the same time but origins in rl are geographically close so makes sense that he traveled and wound up where he is now. Obviously the mythologies are separated by lots of time. . . . . . Smug I know what you trying to do . . .

AnubisG117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Not trying to do amything. Just wanted to know what you meant exactly. By the way Egypt is much closer to Greece and the two civilizarions co-existet while Norse and classical Greek civilization has roughly a 1000 years between them.