Console Star Wars MMO Under Consideration Says EA

Electronic Arts exec Frank Gibeau has confirmed that console versions of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Warhammer Online are "under consideration".

Speaking to Eurogamer at the press event announcing SWTOR for PC, he said, "We're definitely looking at the opportunity to bring the MMO experience to console, without question.

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Is a must for MMO's to blossom on consoles

Darkseider3703d ago

On a console would make me a VERY VERY happy gamer.

Omegasyde3703d ago

Sony already speculated at bringing StarWars Galaxies and EVE to the PS3.

EQ3 will be announced next year. Only god knows what heck will be coming out of Korea anytime soon....

NCsoft signed a contract with Sony last year yet nothing has been said. Along with the Namco/Sony project

Kain813703d ago

two games MMORPGs for PS3.
Blade and Soul, and Aion

Motion3703d ago

I'd love to think thats correct, but where has it ever been said that Aion or Blade and Soul are going to be on PS3? I know that NCSoft has made some deals with Sony, but as far as i've heard, those games aren't the ones that they are going multi plat with. I was under the impression that they were doing some new/unannounced game for the ps3. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I would love to see those games on PS3.