25 Million Switch Shipments This Fiscal Year Expected by Analyst with Production Increase in Summer

Prestigious Japanese firm Ace Economic Research Institute expects the Switch to do even better this Fiscal year than Nintendo's own prediction.

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DeadSilence57d ago

Jesus that's alot of Consoles.

PS4 best Fiscal Year was 20M and it was already massive, let's hope Switch has legs like a Playstation platform and unlike the Wii per example.

Shiken57d ago

I agree, things are looking up. After a slow first half, we are stsrting to get some good 3rd party multiplat ports dropping, Octopath Traveler was a hit, and we have Smash, Mario Party, and Pokemon coming in the holiday season.

As for legs, 2019 looks to hit about as hard as 2017 did, so I think we are good there for quite some time.

kevnb57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Honestly I cant remember a console having this good a lineup this quickly.

Segata57d ago

I'm so insanely hyped for Daemon X Machina next year. Mecha games don't get the push they used to.

Eonjay56d ago

These numbers are really kinda impossible. But its doubtful that it will hit 20 million (Nintendo's projection) let alone this random expectation.

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jaycptza57d ago

I would wait and see. This is the expected target by an analyst, the same people that shorted the stock

kevnb57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Im sure it will have legs, their handhelds always seem to. I think the wii could have even lasted a little longer, but they went with the wii u and most people didnt even understand it was a new system.

Segata57d ago

By 2011 Wii was coasting but the audience had fled mostly.

badz14957d ago

LOL what is this analyst smoking?? they are Japanese, maybe that's why they are seeing the tremendous success of the Switch at home but the thing has been trailing the PS4 for most of the time in other parts of the world this year with the PS4 comfortably a couple of million ahead last quarter alone. and yet the PS4's sale is down from last year when they hit 20+mil and Sony is only projecting like 17mil units this year. so how the hell would the Switch get to 25mil shipped?? just doesn't make any sense! and Summer is almost over and Sony have won summer too. so...that must be some dope s#!+ he's smoking to even pull out 25mil out of his a$$ like that.

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strayanalog57d ago

Why do I have a feeling that Nintendo will make their expectations this fiscal year, Ace Economic Research prediction or not, but we'll still argue whether they will the next one because the internet has a math fetish and enjoys analyzing?

Eonjay56d ago

Well, this is a prediction from an analyst. I agree, we should be listening to Nintendo's expectations before we put to much stock into an analyst.

littlezizu57d ago

Problem with these experts is they are always way off. Remember they said Switch will win last fiscal year well Ps4 won with 3million margin. Remember they said switch will win Q1 this fiscal year, well switch sold 1.9million in Q1 while ps4 Q1 was 3.2 million. Once again they were wrong.
Right now switch needs to track higher than ps4 worldwide before such claims and btw ps4 is predicted to 17 million by sony which is moderate and more accurate.

kevnb57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

well right now the switch is outselling the ps4, the analysts under estimated sony releasing god of war before Nintendo released their bigger games. Theres also a point where people already have ps4s and the sales will slow a bit.

Segata57d ago

Switch is selling amazingly well but only place it's outselling PS4 that I know of is in Japan.

littlezizu57d ago

Your wrong, PS4 is winning worldwide this year. Did you see Q1 fiscal year of Nintendo and Sony. In that it shows PS4 sold 3.2 million while switch is 1.9 million. PS4 has lead of 1.3 million in this fiscal year so far.

pinkystinkinc57d ago

sony currently hatching plans to ape nintendo with ps4 portable

Shiken57d ago

Well Sony has been annihilated by Nintendo EVERYTIME they try to enter the portal space soooo...

pinkystinkinc57d ago

the new one will connect to a tv like the switch sooooooooo

Shiken57d ago

Like the Playstation TV did for VITA games?

Segata57d ago

Sorry, but there is nothing out there atm that can do a PS4 level of power on the market at the moment. Even if there were cost and battery life would kill it. If Nintendo makes a Switch 2 in 2022-2023 then we will see PS4 or just a hair above PS4 levels of performance in a handheld. Lastly, No one ever beats Nintendo with a dedicated handheld. EVER.

Zeldafan6457d ago (Edited 57d ago )

We'll get an upgraded Switch in 2020. Nintendo will use the Olympics to promote the hell out of it. That makes the most sense from a business standpoint.

SkippyPaccino57d ago

Well if they're planning on selling 25 millions they might want to start winning a few npd in a row. I know npd is strictly America, but you won't get those numbers finishing 2nd every month...November & December are the two biggest months of the year for console sales, so we'll know sometime in January if they'll hit that mark, but if we go with what we have now. Nintendo is selling around 200 000 consoles a month in America, which comes to 2.4 million for the year (granted they'll sell probably double that with holiday sells) So let's say 5 millions in a fiscal year for npd... Japan & Europe better pick up the slack, because Nintendo needs another 20 millions from you guys...

I'll assume there's going to be a price drop around the holidays combined with enormous amount of stock, because that's the only way I can see those numbers happen.

If some are like me, I was really wanting a switch year one, and now that we're in year two, I have no interest in the games they have coming out, my interest has dwindled and I'm kinda glad I didn't pick one up. I'm glad for the ones who like it, but a cheaper price isn't enough to make be budge yet...

Shiken57d ago

It is totally possible to get those numbers finishing at a close second. If the PS4 and the Switch both hit those numbers, but the PS4 edges it out, does that all of a sudden make the 25 mil that the Switch sells meaningless?

SkippyPaccino57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Not at all... But sony is predicting they're going to sell around 16 millions ps4 in the fiscal year. So if Nintendo is always number 2 no matter how close they won't reach 25 millions.... Unless this person knows something we don't (like a 100$ price drop & every switch bundled with Mario & zelda) I don't see it happening.

Don't take my comment as something against Nintendo (everyone has a special place in their hearts for Nintendo) I'm just not seeing the math the person making the prediction is talking about...

kevnb57d ago

Nintendo has some big releases for the west and japan coming up, I dont think you guys realize how dominate the switch is becoming in japan.

kevnb57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

the switch will win this year, thats the thing about having a big install base already... people wont buy another ps4. Also the switch completely owns Japan already.

RosweeSon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

But don’t have cleared 100 million multiple times they’ll do it again. They cleared 100 million first attempt and their second attempt did 155 million. PS3 had serious and great competition from 360 and people having to buy multiple 360s I had a fair few but PS3/360 was much closer both sold around 80/85 million (160/165 million between them) Xbox1 sold 30/40 at a stretch PS4 80 million plus by my maths another 40/50 consoles to be sold if not even more no reason ps4 can’t at least clear 125 million for it to beat ps2 will be incredible and doubtful
Switch will outsell Xbox lifetime sales within another year probably double them by time we go next Gen

SkippyPaccino57d ago

I agree they're doing well in Japan but... It took Nintendo with Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, splatoon 2 etc over 16 months to sell 20 millions switches. Now the analyst is saying they will sell 25 million in 12 months when they haven't even reached 25 million lifetime yet (probably won't till sometime in November)

No matter how much you factor Pokemon and smash will help, with how sells are going now, you're expecting nothing short of a miracle.

Like I said in my previous comments, there's going to have to be a major price drop and some creative bundles if they're expecting anything near 25 millions.

There might be 80 plus millions ps4 out there, but they still have heavy hitters left to drop on top of people possibly wanting a Pro upgraded.

michellelynn097657d ago

They won July. Sales have gone through the roof and early August they are winning. And, Spiderman for the ps4 and......................

DJK1NG_Gaming57d ago

good job ignoring the rest of the world.
and Holiday season with Smash Ultimate

michellelynn097656d ago

When the Switch was winning NPD almost every month, it was, "So? That's not the whole world." Funny how their tune changes. Lol

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