First Concept of Egypt Myth In God of War; Team Was Divided On Norse vs. Egypt, Cory Was Tie-Breaker

God of War developer Cory Barlog was at DevCom to talk about the making of the game and he shared many interesting behind the scenes development issues and never before seen concept art for the game.

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ArchangelMike92d ago

So glad they picked Norse, it just worked so well.

-Foxtrot92d ago we'll get Egypt in the next trilogy so no big deal considering it will come eventually


I can see Kratos travelling to Egypt with adult Atreus in the future or maybe by himself if they did some heartbreaking twist where Kratos would have to kill him, he is called Loki afterall, would be pretty sad to see him having to kill his own son after all the pain he's went through. I know people expect Kratos to die but I mean the games have shown us death can't stop him and it's not God of War without him.

Old Man Kratos? I'm not sure if he ages as fast as normal human beings so who knows.

capjacksparrow92d ago


Kratos survives Ragnarok (which will probably be the name of the third game; God of War: Ragnarok), Loki dies (as it happens in the lore), then Kratos gets the fuck out and goes back in time using the Bifrost.

bouzebbal92d ago

looks like the idea was in advanced state and we will see the pharao getting crushed by Kratos after Norse gods are exterminated.
I am wondering if they will make a full scale story with Deamos, maybe a spin-off but the bro was so badass too.

Eonjay92d ago

That freaking Sphinx is ball to the wall amazing.

VenomUK92d ago

@capjacksparrow. It's no good you writing spoiler and then spoiling the game's ending. This is not the place to do that because some people come here who are interested yet have yet to complete the game. Please think of others.

The internet rule is don't post spoilers for anything unless a person has clicked into a page knowing there would be spoilers.

-Foxtrot92d ago


What are you talking about? He wrote spoilers to give a warning, it’s the rule, if you come into any article for a game or film then you will see a’s just lucky people aren’t dicks and actually bother writing a spoiler tag

Crazyglues91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@ -Foxtrot

Ok usually I agree with you but I have to comment on this... How in the world did you get to that heartbreaking nightmare, are you kidding me, we spend the whole game learning the crazy responsibility a father has on shaping his son and how hard it is to be a dad, to be firm but guiding and teach things at the right time, push when needed and pull back when the boy must learn... The game basically turns you into a dad and shows you how to do it right, how to be a strong guidance, and how to shape a little man...

-And you want to throw all of that in the trash and have him kill his own son, what sick twisted script are you reading from is the writer of this madness version also a serial killer, Jesus Christ, KILL THE BOY! that's your idea of a twist.. OMG.. sounds like a Horror Movie gone completely wrong... LMAO... :) -What in the world......

Ok step away from the keyboard, put down the knife, go back to sleep or drink two more cups of coffee because you are clearly still sleeping... (Let's just pretend like your comment never even happened, I am erasing it from my mind now. Cltr - Alt - Del) ...LoL

-Foxtrot91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


I'm not saying throw it in the trash, it's different if it was in the same game but it's the situation is like if we saw Ellie in the Last of Us Part III die in at the very end. Everything that happened wouldn't be a waste it would be character development to give a sad ending worth seeing.

Did you see Infinity War?

If not then look away...Spoilers

Do you honestly think the ending of that film would have worked as well if they didn't spend 10 years developing their entire Universe? Course not, sure they'll end up getting revived someway but the ending wouldn't have impacted you as much if you just saw them in this one film or even a few. That development mattered.

Point is if they worked up to Kratos finally having some happiness and let us as the player grow with Atreus only to see him turn evil, as Loki is in Norse mytho (we even saw this in the game "I am a god" where he got big headed and looked down on people) then it would create a heart breaking ending where you'd have to strike down someone we've cared about as much as Kratos. We're all expecting Kratos to die but to kill someone we've watched grow over the trilogy...come on, that's awful and hits us where it hurts.

Crazyglues91d ago

@ -Foxtrot

Ok I see where you were going with this, I didn't fully understand it at first but ok, I see what you meant now...

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kneon92d ago

Norse works chronologically. Egypt would require time travel

capjacksparrow92d ago

Technically, Kratos has the ability to (according to GoW2).

MWH92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Exactly this.

@capjacksparrow but he has no obvious reason to do so.

It could work if for example an egyptian priest who can see the future somehow summoned Kratos for help or something like that. It's a rough idea but other than this i can't think of a reasonable reason for him to time travel and quarrel with Amun-Ra and Co.

Anyway, time will tell.

gravedigger92d ago

You mean because Egyptian mythology is older. Yep, that's true. Ancient Egypt started as a formal pre-dynastic empire in about 5500 B.C. Ancient Greece’s history at best starts from 600 B.C.

Well, surely you can find bunch of infos. But yeah, you need a time travel for Egypt.

cyclindk91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Why would Egyptian mythology cease to "exist" just due to the "current" chronological date?

I mean, I really don't see a problem there. The Egyptian gods/goddesses will just be aged by the time the young Kratos comes along to fuhk up some Pyramids. :)

Hell, there's your story arc right there! The decline of the Ancient Egyptian gods/powers due to the various conquering nations of the day, notably Xerxes I and then later the Ptolemaic period of rule, Isis could be out to reclaim the heavens and the earth in this life and the next. And we find out it was Kratos' ugly mug on the Sphinx, or maybe he's the one who jacks up the original?

The possibilities be endless, endless I say!

kneon91d ago


If you're going to do a game about Egyptian mythology it would make the most sense to have it take place while the Egyptian kingdom was still in existence.

Egyptian mythology had already been in decline for hundreds of years by the time Norse mythology started. By the 4th century AD Egypt was a Christian country. Though I'm sure there were still some believers in the old gods, there were very much in the minority.

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AngainorG7X92d ago

I really cannot imagine the following combination:

God Of War + Egypt + PS6

I just want to experience this before i close my eyes

mkis00792d ago

I'm glad they waited on Egypt. It will be cool to see how they realize it now that the early work is out of the way.

92d ago

Kratos is one of my characters but honestly what's he gonna be doing in Egypt? I don't want the story to get silly i feel like they should just make a new ip with a new character. Kratos story ended perfectly in Gow3 that i even wonder if he should have been in the soft reboot

sinspirit92d ago

It won't be silly unless it's written silly.

Seeing a character evolve so much, and to understand what's behind his eyes with every lesson he teaches Atreus is something rarely done in anything.

Lets worry after they give us reason to. Sony and studios track records are insane.


The gave us reason to worry after that crap prequel in 2013. Their needs to be a good reason for everything. In the latest god of war they skip past the details of why he is in norse and what brought him there and why he decided to live. It contradics the ending of Gow3. Yes greece is destroyed. That's still doesn't explain why he is in Scandinavia. I expected more from the story and was looking forward to this explanation and was disappointed.

spicelicka92d ago

I think his transition was handled perfectly. What's he doing in any mythology other than Greek? Well he took down all the Gods and was cursed with immortality, he ran as far away from that world as possible and somehow ended up in another world. Sound cheesy at first but how often do we see an ever better fleshed out story AFTER such an epic conclusion?

I do agree though, that it shouldn't turn into a trend. As much as I loved the idea of him ending up in another world, if he just bounces around from one mythology to another it'll take away the impact of this one.

I think if they do ever decide on Egyptian mythology it should be a new character new story, even if it's the same universe.

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