TVG: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

After a three and a half year gap, Rockstar Games' street racing franchise makes its debut on the current crop of consoles (minus Wii), and returns to Los Angeles for the first time since 2003's Midnight Club II. Thanks to a 'reimagining' of what Burnout should be all about, Midnight Club: Los Angeles finds itself in a three-way tussle with Criterion and EA's other arcade racing franchise, Need for Speed. But with Burnout Paradise now dwelling in the pre-owned sections of game retailers, and a head-start on Need for Speed Undercover, the lane is clear for Midnight Club to take the fast lane to platinum sales.

Promising a raft of 'next-gen' features and enough customisation options to make even the most avid petrolhead sated, TVG jumped into the nearest pimped up flame-vinyl muscle car to see whether its faster and more furious...

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+ Stays true to the franchise.
+ Masses of traffic.

+ Depth of customisation.


- NOS in action cam partially blocks the view.
- Doesn't push the series much.

- Not enough variation in race types.
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