GameSpot: Far Cry 2 Review

Overall, Far Cry 2 is a game in which you can quite literally get lost for hours at a time. But that feeling of exploration is precisely what makes the game so much fun; your creativity never feels stifled when approaching a mission, and the game's overall structure of side tasks, friends, rewards, and upgrades is a diverse ecosystem rivaling the landscape itself. No matter whether you're a PC fan whose played through the similarly structured Crysis or a console owner new to the world of open-ended first-person shooters, you won't be disappointed by Far Cry 2.

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Blasphemy3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Was exspecting this score after the IGN review. Can't to pick this up tomorrow. Reviewer made the game sound like a 9.0+ title though.

TheIneffableBob3706d ago

Pretty good review.
The score seems appropriate for the text written. The game has some quirks and issues, but is overall very good.

Pein3706d ago

It's scoring well from all these sites. I sure hope people understand that a game doesn't have to score a 9 for it to be worthy of a buy

King20083706d ago

That's going to take money away from my wallet. Luckily I have a good job or else I wouldn't know what games to choose from in the next couple of months.

kingme713706d ago

I like the direction Far Cry 2 is taking the FPS. Even if it seems to have a few hiccups it is going to a more open world with numerous ways to approach a task. I hope this trend continues.

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