id Software's Tim Willits: 'Rage 2 will deliver on the promise of Rage'

Shacknews had a brief sit-down with the gameplay director during QuakeCon 2018.

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Poopmist95d ago

I didn't realize Rage 1 promised the dumbest hairdos imaginable

Gameseeker_Frampt94d ago

If you don't like mohawks, you better not watch The Road Warrior.

PhantomS4295d ago

It really needs to stick the landing after the first one flopped hard and then this sequel no one asked for came out of nowhere. Still hasn't really shown anything to catch my interest yet but always hoping that an underdog comes out on top.

TheCommentator95d ago

The first Rage was rough around the edges but it's core elements were all very well done. I seldom come across a game that makes using every weapon a necessity like Rage does, which made the combat elements pretty damned fun. The AI was engaging, the story was interesting, and even the open world concept was passable for ID's first attempt at one.

I have to say that having a solid base to work off of definitely makes the sequel promising. Having the developers who are involved in Rage 2 makes it an exciting prospect for sure because these devs have the skills to polish the sequel.

Servbot4195d ago

Well I raged at how bad that reveal trailer was. I also raged that they put money into this instead of something good. So that's something.

SolidGear395d ago

Looks hella amazeballs to me 😍

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