Mysterious ‘Project Mephisto’ Referenced in Gamescom 2018 Award Nominees List

Under the “Platform” category, for “Best Console Game – Sony PlayStation 4,” there are two familiar sights: “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.” In addition, there’s a third game: “Project Mephisto,” which is denoted as a working title. It’s the only outlier on the list, as the rest of it is comprised of titles we’ve either seen in action or learned plenty about, but this is a curious addition that begs further investigation.

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lazyboyblue31d ago

Mephisto, amongst other things, is a big marvel villain. An early tease of Sony's next Marvel game. Probably wishful thinking.

mkis00731d ago

If that happens Sony is set for life with guaranteed exclusives. Having multiple marvel properties would just be crazy.

Neonridr30d ago

I don't know if Sony can do anything outside of the Spiderman Universe though.

playnice30d ago

lol Spiderman DLC? Maybe that's a bit early lmao...

BlackTar18730d ago

Sony can do whatever Disney/Marvel says they can do

mkis00730d ago

If Marvel thinks they can get back the Spiderman movie rights by giving them some gaming rights, I think it is a win win for both of them. Marvel gets all the publicity and merchandising revenue anyway. And also the safety of knowing their property is in good gaming hands.

The Sony-Marvel deal for the mcu is 5 movies ( Homecoming 2 being the last one), and then they have to go back to the table to negotiate again. Sony might be willing to make a trade and I think Marvel would go for that. The license for a few heroes in exchange for relinquishing creative control over Spiderman.

Sony has the best bargaining chip. As well as being reliable .

THC CELL29d ago

Make ya own blade game on dreams, see dreamon soul

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TheKingKratos30d ago

Yes please
Or blade...i would kill for a blade game

Profchaos30d ago

He's also a doctor from south park so south park 3 confirmed haha

-Foxtrot30d ago

I don't think Sony own Mephisto to be honest

thatguyhayat30d ago

Maybe but its a high chance cause they usually put project* on working titles.

-Foxtrot30d ago

Well as a working title...sure

As a game featuring Mephisto from the comics, I don't know, Sony wouldn't be allowed to use him unless they asked Marvel.

MrSugarholic30d ago

Marvel let Sony have any of there properties to make a game. So who knows, it's possible. But I don't think that's what it is, it could easily even be a non-exclusive from third party as there's Assassin's Creed on the list as well.

-Foxtrot30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Marvel didn't let them, Sony owns Spiderman along with like 900 Spiderman related characters, they made a Spiderman game now because the licence deal they had with Activision ran out.

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lazyboyblue30d ago

@foxtrot Marvel did tell Insomniac they could pick whatever character they wanted. They just happened to choose Spider-man who, yes Sony owns. They have said this a few times in recent interviews.

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stuckNhere4Good31d ago

l'm going to go out on a limb (because that's where the fruit is) and say that Project Mephisto are controllers for VR locomotion, because Mephisto is also the name of a shoe company founded by a German Frenchman (Martin Michaeli). The company's claim to fame is that its shoes "are distinguished by unparalleled walking comfort".

Walking being the operative word, something is afoot... What better place and time for SIE to reveal Project Mephisto than Gamescom (Germany), fresh off of its announced 3 million PSVRs sold.

ThatGuyDart31d ago

Good guess and I am in the same boat. It's going to be something relate to PSVR.

doggo8431d ago

O, that's very disappointing then.

stuckNhere4Good28d ago

Looks like it wasn't what we thought -- especially me. Turns out 'Project Mephisto' is 'Man of Medan'; a horror game that seems to borrow from the story of the S.S. Ourang Medan... Glad we weren't in that boat.

Maybe we'll get to play the guessing game again sometime before Paris Games Week.

firelogic31d ago

Why would VR controllers be listed under "Best Console Game - PS4?"

stuckNhere4Good27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I assume because the 2017 Gamescom awards considered the category of Best Hardware (Xbox One X ) to be one of "many different game genres:"... However, it appears I've exercised... flawed logic.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro31d ago

But the nominations are for games...

stuckNhere4Good27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They're also for products... Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition and Xbox One X were nominated for Best Hardware in 2017... , but when I read Gamescom considered the category of Best Hardware (Xbox One X) to be one of "many different game genres:"... , I got the impression that games and products could be lumped into the same category. Toss in some wishful thinking, and here I am -- stuck out on the limb.

doggo8431d ago

Mephisto is software related... It's a game

stuckNhere4Good27d ago

Doggone it!... You were right, and I was oh-so very wrong.

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Spurg31d ago

Mephisto from the Diablo series.

CBaoth30d ago

mephisto is a shortened form of mephistopheles. It most certainly is NOT from Diablo. It's from the 16th century. Faust wagers his soul to the demon Mephistopheles. It's no wonder Diablo incorporated the term into the series and easily could bethe working title for D4. However you can't credit a video game series for coining a word/concept that existed 300 years before Blizzard did

Spurg30d ago

Yeah....I didn't ask for an explanation.

S2Killinit31d ago

The name Mephisto is pretty enticing.