EDGE #323 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Octopath Traveler, Dead Cells, and more.

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Geobros118d ago

The best game of this summer has only 7? Edge strikes again.....

The_Hooligan118d ago

Pocket rumble is the best game of the summer?? Lol jk. I haven't played octopath traveler yet, waiting to borrow my cousins switch after he's done playing. He has nothing but amazing things to say about it.

sealava118d ago

yep , typical Edge , nothing new .

refocusedman118d ago

Octopath is a great game but, god of war was the best game of the summer in my opinion.

Shiken117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Two different games. They cannot really be compared. I got the plat in GoW and I am still playing Octopath as we speak. I would not choose one over the other because they offer a different experience from one another.

To pick one would be little more than picking if you like western style action/adventure or JRPGs more.

Neonridr117d ago

I mean two different games to be honest. God of War is fabulous, Octopath is awesome.

ndonnine117d ago

I wish they wouldn't have chnagee God of war from their original formula.... I didn't like the new one. Admittedly I couldn't get over the fact they changed the entire formula and it literally has nothing to do with the original game except the character.

ndonnine117d ago

Banner saga better than octopath? I'm confused.

CBaoth117d ago

I know I'll be in the minority but I agree with Edge - I enjoyed Hollow Knight more than Octo. The storylines weren't engrossing enough to continue playing. I like the souls mechanic introduced in Hollow Knight and the added layer of choice (offense/defense). Very similar to the crafting system in Last of Us - do we make a molotov or a health kit). Octo is a fine game, a definite exclusive I'd recommend to any Switch owner. But Hollow is up there with Cuphead and Nex Machina as some of the best indie games of this generation