Amazon Slashes Up To 64% Off Newly Released Games

Various newly released games, including some AAA titles are on sale at Amazon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you are looking to snag some new games that were just released a couple of months ago, you’re in the right place.

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Gh05t91d ago

64% off which Newly released games? Like more than one please? I dont see any games that are newly released that are 64% off.

Gundam Breaker is the only game that even reaches a 64% price,,, I guess its new but still one game LOL

showtimefolks91d ago

Always these sort of headlines

Gh05t90d ago

Its these sort of headlines and then pictures and nothing in the picture is 64% off either. I would have thought for a community run site the community would reject these type of headlines and practices. Peddle this crap somewhere else.

InKnight7s91d ago

Because GB is BS game by ignorant developers that can't just do deliver the game that people want, just like FF Dissidia NT.

90d ago
Fist4achin90d ago

Not bad of prices, but im sure there will be a bigger price drop closer to December.