Xbox One vs Xbox 360 VGChartz Gap Charts June 2018 Update

June 2018 is the 56th month of the Xbox One being on sale. In the latest month the gap grew in favor of the Xbox 360 by 352,764 units. In the last 12 months the Xbox 360 has grown its lead by 2.65 million units. The Xbox 360 currently leads by 3.40 million.

Both consoles launched in November. The Xbox 360 launched in November 2005, while the Xbox One launched in November 2013. The Xbox One has sold 37.97 million units, while its predecessor the Xbox 360 sold 41.37 million units.

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darthv7295d ago

I'll keep saying this because it is true but the xbox one is actually doing better than the 360 in the same time frame. The player base is higher because the 360 suffered RRoD during the first few years and many had to buy replacement units if they did not take advantage of the free warranty extension MS offered. If we were to take just 10% off the 360 numbers then people can see the XBO is doing better. And reports were the RRoD contributed to upwards of 33% fail rate and all I did was use 10% as an example.

It seems there are some who don't want to accept that the 360 had help in reaching that 86+ million mark when compared to the xbo but will use it when comparing it to the PS3. Go figure.

Srhalo95d ago

"It seems there are some who don't want to accept that the 360 had help in reaching that 86+ million mark when compared to the xbo but will use it when comparing it to the PS3. Go figure."

Last gen when people said the PS3 was actually ahead because of RROD Xbox fans said "Microsoft doesn't count those" and talked about how fantastic Microsoft's warranty was. But now when it's convenient to scapegoat RROD to defend Xbox One all the same people are so quick to blame RROD for the poor sales of the One.

I'd like to remind you that by this point revised version of the xbox had been out for a couple years that no longer suffered from RROD.

The truth is the One even with the launch of the X has failed to match the sales of the 360 even though the market has grown significantly. Regardless of RROD the Xbox One has failed to meet sales expectations. PS4 has been outselling it 3:1 and the Switch continues to outsell it 2:1, that's the unfortunate truth of Xbox this gen.

darthv7295d ago (Edited 95d ago )

PS3 was ahead of 360 overall, no question there but to put into context... MS doesnt count units they repaired and send out as defective replacements or refurbished. That is what that means. Obviously they count units sold at retail as units sold but lets be honest, if you sell 5 units to the same person that doesnt make it all of a sudden 5 more users now does it...?

I'm talking units sold to people who bought them. And when you compare the two you find the xbo has a higher player base than the 360 because pretty much every unit sold is to a person as a unit to be played not as one to replace a defective one. Now there is a small percentage who do buy multiple units because they like to either upgrade to a newer model or they are into collecting hardware variants. It happens to all platforms but like I said... 360 had help thanks to RRoD that the xbo can't take advantage of because its a better built machine with very low failure rate in comparison.

And even though the slim launched by this time, it does not negate or erase the plethora of units sold as replacements up to this point. That is just a fact that will stick with the 360 throughout its lifetime. Take 10% off right from the top no matter what the end result is between the two and that is being under what the actual percentage really is.

May I also remind you that there was a surge of units sold in the 7th gen overall once they were priced lower than what the current market conditions are for 8th gen systems.

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DJStotty94d ago

37 million consoles is far from selling poor. Granted it hasn't sold as well as the ps4, and the switch is selling well. The bottom line is all 3 companies are making profit, so no one's losing


every generation user base increases about 30% according to microsoft so I don't think they are very happy with xbox one sales. Which is why they don't report sales anymore.

If you look at the article you can see the expectations they had which is why they came out with a console for casuals

XiNatsuDragnel95d ago

Xbox one = 38 million while PS4 = 82 million that gap is sure widen tbh.

rob-GP94d ago

The Xbox one isn't even at 38m either - it was 29m as per EA leak info in March - I doubt they have sold more than 2-3m since then

DJStotty94d ago

I know right because EA knows Microsoft sales statistics

rob-GP94d ago

@DJStotty - well, EA have a service on the Xbox console, so MS has to legally provide them with solid numbers so they know what their target audience is. So yeah, EA will have the most accurate numbers out there rather than sites which take estimates and people who update the Wiki sites with no factual information or evidence...

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