Dear Video Game Industry: Please Give Guys Better Butts

Why do the guys running around saving the world have such tragic pancake butts? Come for the butt insults, stay for the acknowledgement of a real issue.

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Aclancy8391d ago

They want men's butts fixed and women's butts removed. Classic.

Lynx020791d ago

And you are sure it is the same person who wants both?
Imo they BOTH should be exaggerated OR normal, depends on the vision of the author/studio.

AK9191d ago

Clearly someone's never played MGS

bluefox75591d ago

Wait, I thought that female gamers don't sexualize male characters?

Lynx020791d ago

The world is fantastic, isn't it? You can learn something new every minute.

annoyedgamer91d ago

Can I ask for better butts from women or is that objectification?

FunAndGun91d ago

Funny...this is the first male butt story I have seen. You are free to ask for better female butts in any of the daily/weekly stories on here about female boobs and butts in gaming. However...I don't think that department is lacking, so not sure what you wanting to improve?

Jinger91d ago

He wants Ellie from TLoU2 to be have some bodacious bewbz and ass

TekoIie90d ago

Are you trying to deny us our butt diversity? I personally am still to this day saddened by the Halo Elites lack of a butt.


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