Physical copies of Dead Cells out now on PS4 and Switch

Physical copies of the game are out now.

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gutteranthems90d ago

If you don't already have this, get it.

Sgt_Slaughter90d ago

I hope the IGN controversy helped this game out sales wise, as bad as it was. This is a fantastic game you can get lost in for hours.

admiralvic90d ago

The great thing about the controversy is, regardless of what happened, it only helped Dead Cells.

90d ago
michellelynn097690d ago

Heck yeah. No matter which platform you prefer, get this game! It's amazing.

DivineAssault 90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Im gonna have to get a copy for both. Switch version for on the go gameplay. PS4 the TV. So many games, not enough time. BTW, wheres the xbox version?

TGGJustin90d ago

Xbox usually misses out on these physical indie game releases. This is because Microsoft has some rule where they require you to print so many discs to have a physical copy. A lot of times that requirement is too much for an indie game. It's really dumb honestly and something Microsoft is long overdue for taking care of.

King_Noctis90d ago

Really? That is interesting. MS should have done something about this then.

DivineAssault 90d ago

If its not one thing, its another when it comes to xbox. Thats a really stupid rule for them to have but im sure greed has something to do with it. Oh well. I was just curious anyway. Wasnt going to buy it on there regardless. Thanks for the info. I did not know about that