HDR Gaming Interest Group Formed by Gaming & TV Companies To Optimize Content

Companies like Sony, Microsoft, LG, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix and others have formed the HDR Gaming Interest Group to optimize content.

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ccgr37d ago

Nice! Can't wait to see what they come up with

isarai37d ago

YES PLEASE!! as a person obsessed with image quality, the inconsistency at which HDR is currently being handled is driving me NUTS! it's being tacked onto game that weren't mastered for HDR, others are crazy dim, and some even look worse like U4 and Deus Ex.

So coming together as a group to figure out a standard sounds amazing

moomoo31937d ago

nah Uncharted 4 and Deus ex do not look worse in HDR. Neither do Horizon or AC origins. It does get tacked on poorly though like with fifa, battlefield, cod, wolfenstein. Super unnecessary

Skull52137d ago

Was nice to see it didn't get added to Halo 5, 343i was honest and said the game wasn't built for it. Haven't played some of those titles but it is definitely poor implementation in Uncharted 4, I've been trying to get through the game over the past few days and swapped it on and off, the game wasn't designed for it.

cd136d ago


Uncharted 4 looks great with HDR - yours must be broke.

Exari36d ago

actually the only games that did an incredible job with hdr are uncharted 4 (for some reason it even looked better with lost legacy) and horizon

cd136d ago (Edited 36d ago )


GT Sport takes HDR top spot for me.

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franwex37d ago

Cool. If I can plug in any system to any tv, and play a game from any publisher without messing with settings I’m all for it!!

rainslacker36d ago

That's what HDR is supposed to provide. A consistent quality standard despite the display. Unfortunately, the displays themselves don't really adhere to the standards that actually exist within HDR, and gaming so far hasn't adopted them either, and tend to just take a cursory approach by increasing sharpness and not really adjusting the colors properly.

Shiken37d ago

HDR gives so much more to visual quality than 4K does. I am all for this!

Fishy Fingers37d ago

HDR doesn’t take any additional resources. No real reason to sacrifice resolution. I’d like both.

Skull52137d ago

Completely disagree. I prefer to have both but I'd take the ultra crisp looks of of 4K game over a lower resolution blurry/soft mess with HDR.

moomoo31937d ago

Bless up HDR is so inconsistent right now

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