By treating Sea of Thieves as a AAA game, Microsoft failed it

The Loot Gaming's writer shares his opinion that Sea of Thieves shares nothing in common with $60 AAA releases and that Microsoft had other options with their sales model in order to create a gaming platform with this title. It notes the success of the game in terms of player base but also shows that not only does this not translate to sales but it also doesn't necessarily mean active players.

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Shiken96d ago

All they had to do was make a complete game, and it would have been fine. For now, this one of the weakest exclusives in the X1 library IMO, and says a lot.

There is hope though, they seem to be updating it and adding content regularly. Final Fantasy XIV released as an incomplete mess as well, thought to be a failure. Fast forward to the rebranding as "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" and it had become one of the best and most popular MMORPGs of its time. Hell I would go so far as to say it is arguably still up there.

MS can do the same with Sea of Thieves. The only question is WILL they invest the time and money to do it. We can only wait and see.

Skull52195d ago

Reminded me of No Man's Sky. I was able to look at the early footage and knew it would be a subpar game, not deserving of any hype. Turns out I was correct in both cases.

FITgamer95d ago

Yeah, but NMS blew SOT of the water (pun intended) financially despite not being critically worthy of it's hype.

OhMyGandhi95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Here's the thing, though. No Man's Sky was developed by 16 people. Hello Games have only been around since 2008. They've made Joe Danger 1 and 2 before this. They were lucky to be backed by Sony and have their title so well advertised. But they are definitely an indie studio, through and through.

Rare, on the hand, is far from an indie studio. They've been around since 1985. They have a staff of 200 people. They have a ton of experience and have made dozens of games.

Let's stop conflating the two.

While I am not excusing No Man's Sky in any way shape or form, I will be far more lenient on a newer studio that is still wet behind the ears. This was their first actual physical release. Give them a break.

RARE should have known better, as this was FAR from their first rodeo.

It's the same reason why people are often incredibly forgiving on the production quality of an up-and-coming artist from something like soundcloud or CDBABY, and less so towards, say, Eminem's latest album "Revival".

Brave_Losers_Unite95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

No Skull, you are just an Xbox fanboy who can't afford to game on other platforms. Nice try though

"With the exception of maybe StarCraft II the PC has no quality exclusives."

Lmao you are a complete joke

Skull52195d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Yep can't afford stuff. So broke that I have 4 Xbox Ones and 2 PS4s and a high end gaming PC. Not sure why that is relevant though to me discussing two multiplatorm titles. You should go Unite, Brave one.

Godmars29095d ago

Only NMS was an indirect, 3rd party, Sony title that has since gone multi whereas SOT is 1st party. Something MS heavily put their name behind as example of what the planned to do with gaming, which was make it a largely social experience.

bluefox75595d ago

Except that NMS wasn't being treated like a full on AAA game, more of an indie title. The expectations were lower than they would be from a developer like, say...Rare.

StormSnooper94d ago

The more I look, the more I don’t like the future that Microsoft has envisioned for gaming.

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TheCommentator95d ago

I have to agree with your outlook. I mean, what if they'd simply waited until fall and included Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores at launch? It's not like they have CD3 releasing this Holiday. Personally, that alone would have made a large improvement in the image some people have of the game. It certainly would have reviewed better with all those improvements as a part of the initial release!

To answer your question though? Yes, they will invest. I believe that MS is already investing the time and money to do it, with six dlcs before the end of the year and a fourth team recently added into the loop for future DLC production but you are correct in that we can only wait and see.

adamllewellynTLG95d ago

Exactly this. It feels rushed in every way, the game has a massive content gap and it's hard to accept that they've just came up with these DLC packs in the last couple of months and not been planning them from the beginning.

gangsta_red95d ago

Wasn't this game delayed also? How could MS allow Rare to release this in such a bare minimum of content? It really didn't make sense and only seems they had to get something out there.

They could have easily extended the beta and like you said release the game with the expansion(s) included.

I heard the game is fun, but for me personally, just not into pirates but maybe when this game gets a little meatier I'll bite.

rainslacker94d ago

I like pirates, just not really the fanciful kind like you see in this game. Its a bit too much on the cute side for my pirate tastes.

Spurg95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

The game similar to destiny, the division and no doubt Anthem have been designed the same way, and that to add content as the year goes on. Even when revealed the game as a online persistent world, I knew the game would release in an state that it would need improvement as the year goes on.

The division is a game that has come a long way. I recently picked it up and I enjoyed the hell out of it and that's because ubisoft have actively been improving the game over the past 2yrs. I can picture sea of thieves will be a drastically different game a few months from now and with the announcement that they won't charge for DLC it's even better.

mkis00795d ago

Had they launched at $30 like SoD2 I think a lot would have been forgiven.

Shiken95d ago

That would have helped. Or even a F2P beta with the option to buy the full game when it was actually ready.

jznrpg95d ago

They scrapped the first game (ff14) took it offline and rebuilt it and then rereleased it again. The new game was a lot different . I doubt Sea of Thieves will get that much attention from MS , Rare probably doesn’t have the talent to even make the game comparable to a game like FF14.

Shiken95d ago

FFXIV was not scrapped and remade. A Realm Reborn took place immediately after FFXIV and the events of the original are still canon.

But yeah, the game was rebranded as A Realm Reborn and changed in many ways, just like I said in my first comment. I agree MS will likely not put in the same effort SE did, it would just be nice if they did.

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XiNatsuDragnel96d ago

Make a complete game next time Rare just for warning sakes.

Shiken95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

To be fair, I think MS was trying to push it out for their gamepass library. So the blame is more on MS than Rare themselves. I swear MS acquiring them killed that studio IMO.

Jinger95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Rare was already disbanding when Nintendo refused to re up their contact and they almost went to Activision... I think either way they were screwed. Even the top talent who left RARE and started their own stuff has been rather lack luster other than timesplitters. I think it was Rare + Nintendo that worked so well, but Nintendo bailed.

Shiken95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Yeah, Activision would not have been much better. I just wish Nintendo at least held on to the IPs. MS just let them there to rot...but after Banjo Nuts and Bolts...maybe that was for the best.

Hopefully MS can turn Sea of Thieve around though. I had a genuine interest in it at one point.

FallenAngel198495d ago

Not releasing it with enough substantial content is what failed it

TheCommentator95d ago

Rare just put more money into production of DLC, by adding a fourth studio, because of its' success. Caring enough to be informed when you post your "opinions" has failed you.

Liqu1d94d ago

It failed, get over it.

TheCommentator94d ago


LOL, ignorant to the last as usual. It's successful, get over it!

King_Noctis95d ago

This is a live service game. As much as I hate that term, it is what it is and I appreciate MS and Rare for supporting it and not abandoning when it looks like it was going to fail.

UnHoly_One95d ago

Haters gonna hate.

This is one of my favorite games in recent years.

doggo8495d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Good for you?

Did you play any other games in 'recent years'?

PhantomS4295d ago

You haven't played many games then.

UnHoly_One95d ago

I play tons of games. I'm guessing most of you guys that hate it are just on the bandwagon and haven't actually played it.

I realize it doesn't have this epic campaign and story and all this different stuff to do.

But when you actually play the game with your friends it is amazingly fun. I can't explain it any better than that, it's something you have to play for yourself.

If you don't like it that's fine, but this is one of those games that I will remember positively for many many years.

Thundercat7795d ago

Very low standards there my friend

Jinger95d ago

I enjoy it. I'll hop in once a week and have a game night playing it. The new skeleton AI ships have been a blast.

That being said I fully realize that the game still needs more, but they are at least launching frequent content and for free. As long as they continue at this pace, id say in a years time it's going to be a beast of a game.

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joab77795d ago

As Sony did NMS! Now though, it’s is an amazing game and platform that continues to grow.

Travis370895d ago

But Sony doesn’t own NMS nor did they tell them how to make the game.

porkChop95d ago

He didn't say they did.

Sony took care of the marketing, and helped them publish the game though. The marketing did make it out to be more of a AAA game. While Hello Games are certainly at fault, Sony does share some of the blame there as they were the ones marketing and pushing the game.

Tedakin95d ago

Sony marketed it as a AAA title and the game completely lied to everyone about what was in it. SOT had everything it promised at launch and has grown since then. You can't find a single video of SOT leading up to launch that's misleading or shows content not in the launch version of the game.

rainslacker94d ago

I'm hard pressed to think of a single trailer provided by Sony for NMS that made me ever once think...."Wow...this is a AAA title".

What exactly about the marketing from Sony for NMS was it being marketed like a AAA title?

The amount? Amount of marketing doesn't make it AAA. I mean, Candy Crush was one of the heaviest marketed games a few years ago.

The content? As far as I can tell, the game was never shown for what it wasn't. Maybe they tweaked it up for bull shots, but otherwise, the marketing about the game itself was left mostly up to the dev. Sony just did a couple conferences with it, and put it's trailers up on their blog and YouTube channel.

Liqu1d94d ago

@pork Educate yourself please. Sony didn't help publish the game at all, Hello Games self published on PS4 and Steam. Sony handled the marketing and physical distribution, that's all. Sean Murray was entirely at fault for NMS PR disaster.

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