GamingExcellence: Saints Row 2 PS3 Review

GamingExcellence writes: "Two years later and no word of a cease and desist from Rockstar games yet. So here we are reviewing Saints Row 2. In all honesty, the Saints Row series is finding its niche target within the free roaming crime subgenre. It will appeal to those who felt the hastened gameplay of GTA: Vice City, and/or San Andreas was more appealing than that of GTA IV, albeit without the auto-lock aiming. It has its own sense of humor and its customization options give it the feel of a Sims for gangsters."

+New world, same city
+Fun new activities
+Great cut-scenes and voice acting
+Karge list of licensed tracks
+Massive customization
+Enjoyable multiplayer with new 'Strong Arm' mode and open-world co-operative gameplay
+Excellent Sixaxis controls add a new dynamic to the game.

-Unpolished clothing, physics, and other odds and ends
-Mo auto-save
-Somewhat recycled gameplay

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Silogon3708d ago

Unpolished clothing, huh? In it that they actually have texture to them unlike GTA 4 where they're painted on? Gotcha... They also fail to mention how your actions actually matter to passing pedestrians too.

Do some burnouts or beat someone down in the streets and see how they react differently. What about how your character will sing along to his favorite song while driving for some comedic fun?

What about actually holding up a bank or a store and walking them to the safe to get your cash?

All things, and just some of the things, that make Saints Row 2 the new sandbox king.