A brief history of Waluigi

Waluigi's origins were simple. Mario Tennis had a system of partners and rivals. Each character needed a doubles partner. Mario had Luigi, Peach had Daisy, Yoshi had Birdo, and so on. Wario, on the other hand, had no one that really fit his quirky personality. Wario would also be positioned as Mario’s rival, and since Mario’s partner was Luigi, he too needed an appropriate rival.

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FallenAngel198494d ago

““Waluigi for Smash!” the meme-lords cry. As fan-requested characters like Simon Belmont, Ridley, and King K. Rool start to flesh out the roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate, everyone is wondering why there is no love for Waluigi.”

Because there’s more notable characters to put on the roster than Waluigi.

“f only you knew how appropriate it was that Waluigi is being excluded. In fact, being excluded might be the most Waluigi thing Nintendo could do to Waluigi.”

That’s what I keep telling people. You don’t even see Nintendo making an effort in putting Waluigi in any Wario game.

“Waluigi can’t be in Smash Bros. Ultimate, because it’s not who Waluigi is. Waluigi is the eternal reject, and Nintendo is clearly aware of that.”

Makes perfect logic for his character.

Segata94d ago

He sucks. He's never even been in a Wario game. Worst Nintendo character period.