It's Time To Stop Shi****g On Other People's Gaming Nostalgia

Sean @ FG: It’s time for the “Well, actually” brigade to lay off our gaming nostalgia.

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thatguyhayat95d ago

What about the people who do want it? I'll admit the shenmue remaster could do some work but none the less its hype for people who haven't played it and new generation of gamers also people who wanna play it again. Im hoping for legend of dragoon. The sequel that was announced that was cancelled back in the days

Retroman95d ago

I want "more" Nostalgia games

nommers95d ago

It's more the opposite actually. It's nostalgia gamers giving shit to newer games/entries. The "They don't make em like they used to" mentality. Well no shit they don't. For one the hardware changed several times over!

rainslacker94d ago

Most gamers I see don't do that on a regular basis. They complain about individual COD is a prime target....but most of them still accept that many new games are better than a lot of older games...or at least different.

godashram95d ago

The thing about reviews.... they are normally 1 person's opinion. So depending on who reviews it, it'll either be glowing or a sack of crap.Even worse.... if you only have fans of a certain game or genre, the review will be skewed in 1 direction. Have people that don't like or hate it, the reviews are skewed in the opposite. That why things like metacritic scores become helpful, but 100% of a game's true worth.

Now let me enjoy my classics on newer hardware as my older hardware slowly dies

Fist4achin95d ago

Nobody has to be a d*ck about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.