Fable 2: Plagued with Problems

GamersPlatform writes: "Fable 2 is indeed one of the games XBOX 360 owners are looking forward to ever since a teaser trailer was announced years ago. It is no lie that Peter Molynoux did a lot of praising on this game and called Fable 2 a masterpiece but according to a lot of gamers who have played the game, Fable 2 is plagued with a lot of problems which can be annoying, unplayable, and you really just get bored with it. In other words, the hype and praise on this game was a total lie".

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elshimiablo3703d ago

It is averaging at 89% at metacritic and soon the score will go even lower
ouch 100m dollars down the drain just like Ninja gaiden 2 and 2 Human

Killjoy30003703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Well, lets just face it, Socom isn't the most polished game out there. Lets give them the time they shall give us for a patch, then pass judgment as radically as you just did. It's only fare.

ElementX3703d ago

LOL since when does AAA mean 9.0 and higher? If that's your scale, the PS3 is lacking AAA titles

Bathyj3703d ago

I agree ElementX but in fairness, it wasn't the Sony side that made up that stupid rule. Saying a game isn't AAA because its 89% on Metacritic (ooooooo metacritic, bow down) is pathetic. AAA just means really, really good, and "good" has a different meaning for everyone. Tenchu is one of my favourite games, and brought 3rd person stealth to people even before MGS (even though they were ripping off MGS) but I can tell without even looking it never got 90% or probably even over 80%. Do I look worried?

Anyone had any troubles with Fable?
I got it yesterday but only had time to play Dead Space. Awesome BTW.

Rick Astley3703d ago

Lol @ Lionhead Studios. Just like the first Fable, Fable 2 is plagued with bugs and glitches. I'm surprised. No really. -__- Add PS2 graphics into the mix and you've got another, overhyped POS Peter Molyneux game.

PoSTedUP3703d ago

reviews has nothing to do with AAA.....

Isaac3703d ago

Elshimiabo is Nassim again. That had to be said.

lawman11083703d ago

The worst score I have seen yet is a 8.5 I have not seen so many 9.5's and 10's since COD4 and Bio-shock (360) so go pout that you will never get to play this game unless your broke a$$ goes and buys a 360. Go and do it at least it wont be a waste of money like when I bought my 60gb PS3 (GREAT dust collector BTW)

Rick Astley3703d ago

"the lowest i've seen was 8.5"

Lol 7.8.

"never seen so many 9's and 10's since COD4 and BioShock"

That's because you're a 360 fan. PS3 owners already have 3 games this year that got 10's and high 9's.

1. MGS4
2. LBP
3. BioShock

Fable 2 is below 90 on Metacritic. Cry more.

Dark Collosis3703d ago

Actually its N4G metacritic rating is at 90% which is still AAA... Go play with your sacks. Oh thats right you CANT because its DELAYED.. MUST SUCK TO BE A PONYBOY. Best game being Littlebigdelay and metal Loading MOVIE 4... Man talk about a FLOPSTATION3 that has NO i repeat for you death and dumb fools out there NOOO AAA RPG games on it.... O thats gotta SUCK..

PoSTedUP3703d ago

reviews has nothing to do with AAA in a game. so if the average review score drops below a 9.0 then all of a sudden its not AAA??? wow you guys are full of it....

Lanoire3703d ago

Flopple 2 has a average score of 8.5 or something on N4G which takes into account all reviews from respectable reviewers.

Metacritics only take into account reviewers which are pro xbox 360.

No lie.

The score is overhyped as most reviewers did not take into account the long, LONG loading times, the many glitches. MS clearly took out the checkbook again.

Flopple 2 is a decent game by all means. NOWHERE NEAR triple A status however. Its barely on the same level as heavenly sword. Period.

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TheNewerGuy3703d ago

What did you expect,a AAA experience that has no problems?

Harharhar,xbots make me laugh

Deadman643703d ago

You play two games on PS3, that is the true funny thing.

lawman11083703d ago

Good, because you need something to keep you from crying about how BAD the PS3's games are.

Ice2ms3703d ago

[sarcasm] Yes Because MGS 4 was a disaster same with LBP ( I have it early) god I really am crying because the games suck

saucygit3703d ago

except biznitchy lil biznitch boys

ultimolu3703d ago

More for Sony fans to have a field day with.

Xi3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I have the game and Haven't had any problems. Maybe this guy should play an actual retail version instead of some alpha build it sounds like he's running.

Edit. I assume the person that disagree's with me has also played the game and had the same problems discussed in the article? If so please, tell when they occur or how to make them occur to see for myself.

cereal_killa3703d ago

The same comment can be said about Socom with all things aside it really doesn't matter what a reviewer says, it s you as a gamer to truly judge any game even if there is any problems it truly didn't affect 95% of the reviewers to give this game a solid review... I'm sure if this game has any glitches or flaws can be fixed to clear out the bugs

JOLLY13703d ago

I got a 5x5 for anyone that has a silver account and wants 48 hours of Xbox Live gold. wr624-2ctgx-y6txh-jvtc9-rgxpb. I haven't started the game yet, but I am super stoked for this great game. I just wrote Flopble, so the whiners wouldn't cry about all of the good reviews it received

nbsmatambo3703d ago

actually it does have problems...

look at these screens:

i took these screens while playing Co-op with a friend..

srry to say it does have glitches and excessively long load screens, nonetheless it is still a fun game..had some fun for a couple of hours pretending to be super man lol

Master Debater3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

This game is easily best game this gen. The minuscule technical flaws completely get overshadowed and overweighed from the massive depth and intriguing gameplay. The lighting in the game is second to none. This beats out Uncharted and CoD4 and Gears of War in my book. Great game, well worth the $68.87 CAD I spent.

I never ran into any of these glitches or flaws, no freezes, no game breaking glitches, nada. I obviously experienced longer than normal load screens but these are no more annoying than Oblivion's city travel and occasional quick loads. The NXE will solve all of this with it's game installation.

Plagued with bugs? I hardly call 5 bugs plagued. I call something completely unplayable and atrocious plagued. I never experienced 4 of the 5 bugs up there. 16 hours in already, best time I've had this gen.

"These are the five problems that most gamers are experiencing and it is a shame to see the most hyped game turn out like this. Fable 2 is a great game but with flaws like these, it makes the game completely useless."

Completely useless because of bugs that he personally hasn't experienced? I haven't had any of these bugs except for the load screen and that's not much of a bug. Most people don't have bugs, a couple people above haven't and the hundreds of people on Neogaf haven't and the people on TeamXbox forums haven't. What's the problem here?

Snukadaman_3703d ago

Been playing for almost 2 hours and no problems....If there were problems I would be the first to complain but cmon now.

lukewind3703d ago

What crap this article is. I have been playing this for a few days now and there is not one bit of screen tear, no freezes, or any of the other things on this, obviously made up, list.

vhero3703d ago

HONESTLY THERE IS 1 ANNOYING FAULT THAT BUGS ME and i will be honest its the press A to buy a house or talk to somebody sometimes the game wont register it unless your stood in a certain place which can be really god damn annoying except that though oh and the slight loading problems on some quests e.g. sprites loading after they already starting talking which isn't really a huge issue it just means when HDD install comes out you should definetly do it see easy fix :) so the button pressing problem is the only problem that really pisses me off sometimes except that the rest is fine the article is very biased and this is coming from me a ps3 gamer/rpg lover who happens to own a 360

Horny3703d ago

^^^ what vhero said, sometime pressing A wont register.
Also your character appears to be floating especially going up stairs, its not as bad as oblivion though.
You should expect a few problems with a game like this.
Nothing thats really going to destroy the experience, except co op, wait for a patch on that.

Bloodwar3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

If there were glaring glitches that cause the game to be unplayable and lots of them as the writer attempts to claim, the reviewers would have been mentioning them. I will admit I have not read all of the reviews, but the ones I pay attention to are from the magazines I buy. I don't pay attention to crap sites like N4G. I read n4g for entertainment value, like wrestling or football. I like to see the Sony fanboys try to beat the Xbox readers down. It gets pretty bloody here some times. Look at the 27 disagrees that Xi (as of 10 am EST US )got in the first comment. That is what I live for. Xbox is a dieing breed on N4G, because Xbox gamers are playing the games, and the Sony Defense Force is coming to N4G to in droves because apparantly they have nothing better to do than to come to an Xbox 360 game related news article and bash all the Xbox gamers and hit the disagree and report buttons. Look, what do you want to bet that I lose another bubble after this comment? Its because they have nothing better to do. And I couldn't give a rat's axx. Go watch your PS3. I'm going to play my Xbox 360.

jadenkorri3703d ago

its not plagued
there are bugs, my dog ended up on a roof somehow...i laughed and said get down from there lol... load times are long thou, and grpahics on my hd tv take a bit to load well to kick in...btw, my xbox 360 is a pro and i just got it friday so that on fable 2 release i wouldn't be setting it up, so far the 360 is great, my wii sits defiantly on top, while my ps3 is lonely on the bottom, for now....

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