Nidzumi: SimCity Creator Review: High Expectations

Nidzumi writes: "SimCity is the only Sims franchise left that has some prestige to it's name and that's no discredit to the others but after so many spin offs and expansions it's hard to get excited about another rendition of The Sims. Meanwhile the larger scale SimCity trickles out games every couple of years that all meet a high level of quality and despite last years slightly dumbed down SimCity DS, SimCity Creator still has some hype behind it.

Creator allows you to play the game we all know and love on the Wii or at least a very simple emulation of that. You even get a bit more customization in how your buildings look but otherwise it's a very toned down version of the core franchise. Obviously the full PC simulation wouldn't work so you've got to commend the team for their work because Creator is highly enjoyable despite being a shell of the original."

+Great Translation Of PC Version
+More Accessable

-Bad Advisory System
-Horrible Controls
-Broken Road Management
-Not Close To The Excellent PC Version

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