5 common mistakes when buying a gaming laptop

While most gamers choose a full-sized PC or a gaming system over a laptop, more electronic retailers are launching laptops that rival their bigger counterparts. Gaming laptops come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s hard to know if you’re making a smart choice when it comes to choosing the right piece of equipment.

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Gh05t94d ago

Not one of these things is laptop specific other than screen quality which really should be more about GPU quality than screen quality since there was barely a mention of it.

"You can get a quality machine with the same specifications for half the price without being distracted by about luxury features that you don’t really need."

Please show me this. Aside from maybe the screen being a touch screen vs non touch screen what "luxury" item makes up 50% of the price? Way over exaggerated.

The whole "Trends section is trash. Its basically reiterating the already mentioned "...look for one that can actually handle your gaming needs." If the trendy laptop cant handle gaming needs then it doesn't matter. If it can but is more expensive then it falls into the "Too many features" section. You basically made a section that was already stated just to make another section.

After actually reading the whole thing this entire article could be summed up with "...look for one that can actually handle your gaming needs." Which is a not a good premise for an article. That is like saying, I messed up when looking for a truck I came back with a sub compact because I forgot to look for a vehicle that fit my needs.

Knowtechie seriously has some of the most useless and partially wrong advice when it comes to computers and "building" or "buying" them, it feels like they write articles about things they haven't ever experienced as if you have.

Iltapalanyymi93d ago

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