Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan-Made World Map Looks Amazing, Comparison With First Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 world map has be remade by a fan and it looks great. It has also been compared to the first game's world map.

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Kados35d ago

That map overlay makes no sense.

smolinsk35d ago

Yes I don't get it either? Where is original map supposed to be in this created one?

mkis00734d ago

Only one area is included from RDR. bottom left corner Tall Trees+ Great Plains. This is a prequel so the RDR so the area farther west wouldn't even be built yet. Blackwater in this game is just as Armadillo was in the last game.

smolinsk34d ago

but how can this be the map if tall trees is in the far left corner of his map and nothing else is beyond to the west where Armadillo should be, and as you say Armadillo is in this game aswell? makes no sens

mkis00734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Armadillo is not in this game. BLACKWATER is but not armadillo. Armadillo would not have been built yet.

I never said it was in this game I was comparing how built up the town was to blackwater

This is just a stylized map. Go look up the original map leak. Thieves landing might be in the game but that would be the farthest point.

mkis00734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Remember this is a prequel not a sequel. Think westward expansion. In this games time period Blackwater hasnt been paved yet... it is still a new town.

CP_Company35d ago

it is clear that those 2 noobs below me is just noobs whom never played game or just does not orientate anywhere.

nice map and overlay, show quite good where and how much the game world expanded.

Alkrado35d ago

The overlay is perfectly illustrating the fact that a region from the previous game is also present in rdr2, doooh!

smolinsk35d ago

Show me please, not really perfect no.

Horseygamer35d ago

i would hope read dead redemption map will be added in the future but wishfull thinking

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