Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Leaked, Launching this Year with Exclusive Content

"Well someone spilled the beans a little early as Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch has been leaked by Forbes. The post has since been pulled but not before some screenshots were taken."

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TGGJustin95d ago

I mean we have the pictures right there in the article. It's a real thing. Likely just got put up a day or two early.

Neonridr95d ago

oh yeah, I just don't want to get my hopes up. I remember that sneaky tweet of a nightlight with a diablo figure on it that we all took to be a hint of a Switch version, which Blizzard quickly shot down.

I agree it's more than likely a real thing, and I can't wait to play it.

Skull52194d ago

I don't really care now but a portable version of Diablo II would have been a dream come true to 16 year old me.

ThanatosDMC94d ago

Guessing it's gonna be a differently named Pauldrons like on the PS4 or wings or pet.

Daver94d ago

I just hope this is not the diablo news we were suppose to get later this year. Anything other than diablo 4 would be a disappointment.

Goldby94d ago

Well they did state multiple diablo projects so it's safe to say d4 is still in the works

Count_Bakula94d ago

Yeah, absolute lame waste of time for a six-year-old game. Better have something else to announce at BlizzCon.

3-4-594d ago

It's already been confirmed. The embargo is tomorrow and Forbes broke the embargo early.

TheEroica94d ago

10 people down votes the switch getting Diablo 3? Did Diablo make their p**** shrink or something?

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monkeyshawn6094d ago

This will be so awesome. This will be a day 1 purchase for me.

Gaming4Life198194d ago

this is great news for Nintendo fans that never played this game. I'll pass as I destroyed this game first on pc then on xbox one and then on ps4 lol.

ZeekQuattro94d ago

A complete edition with added Nintendo exclusives. This is how you do it. Late gimped ports with missing content don't sell but when you put in a little effort more often than not it pays off as evident with continued 3rd party support for the Switch shows. With the Wii U after the first 6 months or so the 3rd party well was damn near dry outside of the prospects of Ubisoft's annual dancing games. Lol

cpayne9394d ago

It shouldn't be 60 dollars tho

Davidgr294d ago

Sadly it will... don’t think paying 3 times more just ‘cause it’s portable is worth it. I doubt it will be 60 fps or 1080p...

Gemmol94d ago

but its 60 in the sony store without the nintendo exclsuive content

maybe some retails are selling it cheaper to remove stock but the game is naturally 60 without nintendo content

I am all digital on ps4 and switch so eshop and sony store will show 60 for me

ZeekQuattro94d ago

The very same bundle is $60 on PSN so it would of been odd if it were cheaper on the Switch wouldn't it?

Neonridr94d ago

it includes both expansions though.

cpayne9394d ago

Wow you guys are right. No version should be 60 at this point imo lol

Goldby93d ago


there has only been one expansion. the necromancer expansion

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orbital7194d ago

YESS! switch is for me GOAT loving it!!!

Madmoose93d ago

And these jokers say that there's no issues of extremism & bias from certain factions & folks on this site. This person literally said that it"s the GOAT for THEM & STILL got 17 downvotes lmao. Guess that it comes down to backing the wrong pony I suppose. No way to spin that BS. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.