Gameplayer: FarCry 2 Review

Gameplayer writes: "The lads at Ubisoft sure like Frederich Nietzsche. Not only did they call one of their games Beyond Good & Evil, assuming everyone would get the reference, but they¹ve come up with a new super-villain that loves to spout the works of that crazy (if influential) German philosopher. Five minutes into the game, you¹re bedridden with malaria, groggily staring your objective in the face: The Jackal. You¹ve been sent to terminate this diabolical arms dealer, but instead of offing you while he has the chance, he recites a motivational sound-byte: "A living thing seeks to discharge its strength. Life itself is the will to power. Nothing else matters." Then he just buggers off".

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SlappingOysters3705d ago

Pretty excited about this one, even though the review isn't the best score.

I am not expecting Resistance to offer much - Insomniac should stay to platformers - so what else is there. Turok?

McPerson3705d ago

Digging out bullets and 'undislocating' your arm sounds pretty fricken sweet. It's a pity there are no lions to shoot, though...

But I'm wondering why Res Evil 5 got so much flack for being set in Africa and 'being racist for it' and yet Far Cry 2 will see us mowing down just as many (if not more) black locals, but escapes the controversy.

What gives there?