Strategy Informer: FIFA 09 Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Never has a company turned around such an ailing, labored franchise as EA has done with this latest incarnation of its hugely successful football franchise, FIFA 09. In fact, the turnaround is even more remarkable if you bold and italicize the words hugely and successful, as sales-wise, EA simply doesn't need to do anything. Yes people used to moan about incremental updates year on year but the game still sold by the bucket load so did it really matter? Someone obviously thought so, and we can be all the more grateful for it, as FIFA 09 doesn't actually bring the FIFA series alongside the formidable opposition by the name of Pro Evolution Soccer, it actually surpasses it.

Yes, you read that right: the FIFA series is now better than PES. (In my opinion, of course). And that's what it's all about really, opinions, as I'm sure the PES-hardcore are already laughing at that statement. However, FIFA is such a complete football package that I really find it difficult to understand any real argument against the notion."

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