Do Fan Demands Save the Day?

What do games like Devil May Cry 5, No Man's Sky, and Madden 19 have in common? In each instance, fan's voices were heard.

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Zeref91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

If a developer ever made a game based on 100% fan demands it would be a complete mess. It needs to be 80% the developers work 20% fan feedback probably even less.

Derceto91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I'd go with even less.

So many games are a mess these days, namely because of "fan feedback". Which a lot of the time, isn't even that, it's more like "blowback".

Devs, and mostly, publishers, typically want to play it safe, and take practically no risks anymore. A good reason why everything is so "by the list" these days, and hardly anything breaks new ground creatively.

Take a look at "AAA" releases over the past 7-8 years. Most are so boring, tired, and mundane. Fan feedback has actually been a bane, more than a boon.

Smokehouse91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It just sucks when it’s not the fans voices that are heard. They heard the voices of people that had no intention of buying their game in the first place. It’s a double edged sword but real will always recognize real. Good developers and publishers will always hear their fans over the noise and suits.

AK9191d ago

The fans demand can bring certain IPs back from the dead but its ultimately up to the devs whether or not the said products will be a success or not.

BlahBlahWhatever91d ago

There are countless cases were devs not just don't listen what fans want & ignore them completely but in some cases they even mock them & treat them like trash, for example Blizzard, when D3 was in development thousands upon thousands of fans who loved Diablo deeply & kept on playing D2 non-stop for over a decade have realize that the direction Blizz heading with D3 is wrong & lots of stuff need to change before the game released, they made suggestions & they said clearly what is wrong & why the game Blizz trying to make doesn't resemble Diablo & it have more common things with some other Blizz game than the original Diablo games made by Blizzard North.

There was even petitions made signed by more than 50.000 people & what Blizz did? ignore & even mock thousands of Diablo veterans who all they wanted was to help Blizz to make a right successor for the Diablo series that deserve to be called like that, what was the result of all that? D3 end up be a casual, cartoonistic, overly-colorful, hack n slash game with no depth that lacked the dark Gothic aesthetics & atmosphere of the previous Diablo games & ofc that displease old-school fans who utterly disappointed by what Blizz created start to flock in droves to Path of Exile & other similar games to D2 because those games was more of a sequel to D2 than D3 was, what else left to say...

This will always be the biggest case of a VG company who ignored, mock, disappoint & drove away millions of fans just because, isn't that the best reason to not support a company ever again from the moment they treat you like that & don't give a shit about your opinion? now compare Blizz with GGG the devs of PoE who keep on delivering so much content all for free & they have already done everything fans asked for & even more & that's why PoE is today one of the most played online games, Blizz have so much to learn from GGG because it's obvious that at their current state when they are so important with such a huge name they think fan-feedback isn't important at all & they prefer to ignore fans suggestions/concerns & do whatever they think is right with the known disastrous results in the end.

Bonus, here what Bill Roper, a dev & later vice-president of Blizzard North said about D3:

"..I looked at it and went, it's not really... to me as a player it just didn't really ring with Diablo."

ShockUltraslash91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Well we saved Devil May Cry.