5 Games Not Worth Purchasing on Day One

Given how expensive gaming can be, this is a look at five types of games not worth buying on day one.

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ArchangelMike96d ago

There is no real "need" to buy a game Day 1, it's just the hype and pre-order culture that drives that complusion. Within 4-8 weeks of release most games begin to get price drops. Everyone has a backlog, so here's the incentive to wait on a new game release for the bugs to get fixed and the price to drop - just play last months hotness that released, which you had to buy Day 1, but now haven't bothered to complete. The irony aye?!

Felix_Argyle_Catbro95d ago

If people didn't buy games Day 1 it would hurt the developers.

Yourmommasaid95d ago

Lol! How? They still get the money from sales! Smh 😑

Felix_Argyle_Catbro95d ago

They would get less money from sales than what they would have got if some people bought Day 1.

ArchangelMike95d ago


That doesn't really make any sense. Just look at GTAV for example. It has sold over 85 million copies, and most of those where not day 1 sales.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro95d ago


It makes perfect sense. GTA V is not the same as let's say something like Dead Cells. Indie developers need money, and if people just waited until their games are dirt cheap, they would not get even nearly enough how much they deserve and need. GTA is a game that sells tens of millions of copies. Indie games have a hard time selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

Tomb Raider sold like 4 million copies and was not considered a success. If nobody had bought it Day 1 and just waited for sales, the game would literally be a massive disaster. Even with having millions of people buy it at full price it still wasn't a success.

2pacalypsenow95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

It’s not compulsion, people just wanna play the game as soon as it’s out it’s normal.

Do you have a favorite tv show? Do it wait for it tand release on DVD before watching it?

That’s how software works, if people wait for the bugs to get fixed they never would becuase nobody would play and report them.