You can explore Rage 2’s five biomes from the start and you can continue playing after the credits

With Rage 2, Avalanche and id Software want to put the pacing in the player’s hands.

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rockwhynot121d ago

I wonder how group npc ai will differ. Will the leader of the pack play any smarter than the grunts and pawns?

mkis007121d ago

Getting Hyped for this one. I enjoyed certain aspects of the first one. Avalanche is one of my favorite devs.

BadElf121d ago

Yeah, first one had some good aspects. Was surprised/somewhat pumped a sequel was announced!

mkis007121d ago

Avalanche does open world destruction pretty well. They have improved on each successive Just Cause. The more I hear about this the more I think this could be a gem.

I liked the atmosphere/lore of the first one. The animation was decent too.

BadElf120d ago

Yeah....Just Cause 4 looks wild. Jc3 was sweet(the world was a little empty imo)