Watch The Final Shenmue 101 Video - This Time, It's About Combat

From GameWatcher: "The long-awaited PC release of remastered versions of Shenmue I & II is just about upon us, and with that, SEGA are publishing the final promotional materials for their classic titles. The very final introductory 101 trailer for Shenmue is what we've got here, and this time around, it's about fighting."

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isarai40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Woah, Wait, why has no one mentioned you can transfer your save from 1 to 2 to keep your leveling progress, that's frik'n AWESOME!

InKnight7s40d ago

So Shenmu is non-yakuza Yakuza game? or to be fair Yakuza is a yakuza Shenmu game.

343_Guilty_Spark40d ago

Yakuza is the evolved form of Shenmue.

SegaGamer39d ago

Shenmue is a Shenmue game and Yakuza is a Yakuza game. The similarities between the two are small.