GamePro Interview: Ted Price talks Resistance 2, Resistance movie and more

GamePro talks to Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, about all things Resistance 2, including a new novel and a possible film based on the hit PS3 shooter series.

Q: How close is Resistance 2 to going gold?

A: It's very close to being finished; what you're seeing today is not actually the most recent build...we're hard at work back in Los Angeles finishing up, fixing the last few bugs, and putting some polish in before it gets shipped.

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sinncross3380d ago

I've played a bit of the first, and the second looks buy worthy.

However im worried a bit about the story telling. Im not sure how the story finally ends up but it seems almost abrupt to end the first game with narration then the second is his story... i hope they find a way to connect the two, not in this title, but the third.

darkdoom30003380d ago

they are getting rid of the narration. for good reason. im sure it will be good.

I hope it can be as awesome as the gears 2 ending!

(sarcasm for the idiots who didnt get it...ah well, gears has always been about the gameplay)

elorm93380d ago

Can't wait for this game! :)

Nitrowolf23380d ago

i can see a movie working out for this

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