What Blizzard should do with Diablo next

Blizzard has reiterated several times that it still cares about the Diablo series even as Hearthstone and Overwatch continue to do well, but will Diablo return as an action RPG, or evolve into something new?

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tdogchristy9097d ago

Go back to the gothic look of Diablo 2. The WoW look just doesn't look right.

BlahBlahWhatever97d ago

The right word is " looks horrible!" & the bastardization of everything Blizz doing the last years to look like WoW have ruin Diablo there is no immersion anymore because the dark Gothic environment is no more, also the game looks as kiddie as it gets to attract small kids this was not how Diablo used to be if you go & check how the original was back in 96, what they did in D3 have completely killed the spirit of the series, now it's a stupid brainless casual game for little kids.

Relientk7797d ago

Make Diablo 4 like Diablo 2

da1writer97d ago

Make Diablo 3 for the Switch, forever on the go dungeon crawling proper!

da1writer96d ago

I had fun playing Diablo 3 on my Vita via Remote Play, thought the game would be perfect as the real deal on Switch... Guess not.

da1writer95d ago

Funny how I got down votes, yet they just announced what I thought it was going to be, Diablo 3 on the Switch. Love this community here!

FrenchFryNarwhal97d ago

I laughed out loud at the battle royale joke- "Diablo kills you immediately." That was a good one.

But..yeah I think Diablo 4 is just what needs to happen. How they push it forward, I don't know. I think we're all hungry for it though.

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The story is too old to be commented.