Some Funny Fable 2 Glitches

These occurred during Co-op play with a buddy..

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nbsmatambo3703d ago

dspite the glitches the game is quite solid..just hate the load screens when you enter the cities =/

IWentBrokeForGaming3703d ago

it seems glitches are as of this generation of gaming = "cool to add" to games. I almost bet glitches are intentional by devs now days. It's a shame. I have yet to play a game this gen that isn't buggy to some regard, there is almost too much you can manipulate in games... should it be acceptable?. Every platform is guilty of this problem and it almost seems it's intentional to me at least...

darkdoom30003702d ago

I dont know, i dont think ive ever seen a glitch on MGS4..

mgo is another story..

Sena Kobayakawa3703d ago

anybody experience this glitch: when your running with your dog you go through him ? this glitch funny as hell . game still gets a 9/10 tho

and for the fanboys who wants to talk trash about Fable2 glitches i have one word full of glitch:SOCOM

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Imallvol73703d ago

Yeah, but your comment isn't valid because Socom is getting 5 out of 10's and Fable is getting average 9 out of 10's, lol.

Lanoire3702d ago

SOCOM is hell of a fun. But cant expect to much from a game thats 10 bucks.

50-40 = 10 bucks for this game.

Fable 2 is 60 bucks. And SOCOM average is 7.5 out of 10 so far. Fable received 8.5 out of 10 on average so far.

There is a clear bias. MS clearly opened its checkbook again.

Voozi3703d ago

I had this one glitch in the beginning of game when you're older, where you're on some road and you see that destroyed carriage and a dead person hanging out then the dude just chilling there telling you to take w/e u want from if you walk in between him and carriage and start jerking around your movements, your character will shoot up sky high lol then fall down eventually haha (it's like running up a flight of stairs in seconds then jumping off the top lol)

Oh yea btw, does Fable 2 make anyone else disc drive really really loud? Like louder then all your other games? Cause compared to all my other 360 games I have (13 others) Fable 2 makes my disc drive sound abnormally loud like it's about to explode with the way I can hear things spinning inside of it...and gets irritably loud...its a 2008 Falcon chip model w/ the BenQ drive as well

Sena Kobayakawa3703d ago

the game that used to make noise on my X360 was GTA4 but it stopped after a while. If you play the game for like 3-4times it might stop but if it doesnt try to get Fan or a cooler for your console. they say the best defense is the best ofense against the RROD

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xaviertooth3702d ago

you lying bastarrd, just move on to another thread, it's like 3x you are saying you're off to another thread "with your MAX SPEED!"

Sena Kobayakawa3702d ago

haha I moved to another thread with my MAX SPEED!! came back to see who replied , I replied to them and went back to another thread.Came again and saw your comment.all i have to say to you is HATER!

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xaviertooth3702d ago

you still lie, it's the 4th time!

and yes, i can't move as fast as you :p

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ParaDise_LosT3703d ago

N4G forums news :O!
lol Self promotion? xD

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