GameZone: Blitz: The League II Review

GameZone writes: "Blitz: The League II comes at a time when arcade ("extreme") sports are failing. NBA Street V3 was a so-so mix of rehashed gameplay. NBA Ballers: Chosen One managed to be worse, and, like a countdown to the worst games of all time, NFL Tour was a complete disaster.

With such depressing games ruining what was once a thriving subset of the sports genre, it's hard to hold a positive outlook. But one game that's been easy to count on (even when the NFL license no longer could be) is the Blitz series. All Blitz fans have their favorite game in the series, and favorite moments they wish could be relived. Unfortunately, Blitz: The League II won't help you relive them. Like it or not, this game is Blitz's answer to NFL Street, which is ironic because NFL Street was originally designed to be different from Blitz."

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