Amazon UK messes up 500 million Limited Edition PS4 Pro pre-orders, will be going again tomorrow

Amazon UK accidentally put pre-orders for the Limited Edition 500 million PS4 Pro up before the published 10am embargo. This has led to consumer's orders being cancelled and Amazon having to announce that they'll be trying again tomorrow morning.

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bluefox75597d ago

That's a lot of pre-orders!

Razzer97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

LOL. That title. Took me a minute

Relientk7797d ago

Messing up 500 million pre-orders

Damn Amazon what are you doing O_O lol

adamllewellynTLG97d ago

Check this site, there's another article on what we know so far!

CaptainSellers97d ago

They did it again today, it was up on the app a few minute before it was available on the website.

JonTheGod97d ago

It's a fugly edition; I don't know why anyone would want one.

JonTheGod96d ago

I'm ignorant to why someone would find it appealing, correct; well done, you just repeated what I said in a more crass and less literate manner. Bravo.