IGN: Weapons Locker: Far Cry 2

After the typical buzz-building circus of press demos, videos, and write-ups, the time of Far Cry 2 is finally at hand. This week retailers nationwide will be receiving the hotly-anticipated shooters from Ubisoft Montreal, a title which gives players a diverse arsenal of guns and explosives to explore and devastate a completely open 50-square kilometer world. Although a comprehensive weapons list has yet to be announced, IGN has been able to track down the biggest and most noteworthy weapons that are at your disposal in Far Cry 2. So read on, pick your favorites, and be sure to keep an eye out for them when exploring the Saharan playground of destruction that Ubisoft Montreal has so generously provided you with.

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Killjoy30003708d ago

I wish IGN would do this for every shooter.

mariusmal3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

wow just wow.

i agree mate. they should do this for every shooter :D
btw mp5 silenced... the choice of a pro ehehe (at least in cod5 is)