Yakuza Was Also Pitched To Nintendo & Microsoft

Sure, it’s on PC now, but the Yakuza series is synonymous with three generations of PlayStation consoles. And for good reason: Nintendo and Microsoft had their chance, but simply weren’t interested in the Japanese gangster saga.

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XiNatsuDragnel97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Lol now there minds are changed. Because Yakuza is an important series to any consoles.

VenomUK97d ago

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was pitched to Microsoft but they turned it down. Sony saw it and thought it could be great. They agreed to fund development without demanding ownership. The game turned out to be a critical hit and modest financial hit - it certainly made a profit.

Lexreborn297d ago

And somehow with that liberty Ninja Theory said... hey.... we should sell our brand to Microsoft

kingjohnm97d ago

and now its also out on xb1

Skull52197d ago

and now Ninja Theory is will only be limited by it's creativity

solideagle97d ago

I think Yakuza is a great game but I highly doubt its a system seller. I have seen it doing 1 or 2 million but not great sales. I dont think Microsoft is losing much and they bought 5 studios so next gen is going to be really really spicy... :)

as always I will buy 1 console which will be PS5 :)

lxeasy96d ago

Yeah Nintendo and Xbox aren't missing much with yakuza

DrumBeat96d ago

I think Xbox players would buy Yakuza games, but I agree that Xbox's user base is less likely to buy them than the PlayStation userbase. For obvious reasons.

Fist4achin96d ago

It could be a system seller if members of yakuza are present and convincing you to buy it.

gravedigger97d ago

Thank you, Sony and Sega on great franchise. Kiryu rules

SockeyBoy96d ago

Hmm interesting since 1 and 2 got released on the WiiU (Japan only).

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masterfox97d ago

I'm telling you time after time if it wasn't by Playstation brand this gaming wouldn't be as big as we know it, imagine how many games have been rejected by MS or Nintendo so far, this industry could it be a mediocre average entertaining business if it was only by Nintendo or MS, Sony Playstation always pushing the boundaries of what gaming can be and this is why we have this industry and awesome games by Sony and their developers.

Thank you Playstation! :)

doggo8497d ago (Edited 97d ago )

5 people think Microsoft are the one's pushing the creative boundaries. Haha it's so funny I could vomit.

Spurg97d ago

Yeah playstation have had there fair shared of rejects games as well.
Sony rejected Sunset overdrive and it eventually made its way into Xbox because of Ms.

There are also many reasons why Sony have been so liberal in taking in all these mostly single players games. They have failed to appeal to the multiplayer market in comparison to Ms who have franchises with industry leading multiplayer. To compensate for that failure they have bolstered their single player lineup to make their platform more appealing.

This is in no way a bad thing, 90% of the game I play are single player but I can see that Sony(a Japanese compan)y have trouble making games that appeal to a multiplayer audience so they grab every strong single player idea they can get.

WeAreLegion97d ago

They loved Sunset Overdrive. They just wanted to own the IP because of things like Crash and Spyro coming back to haunt them later. And Insomniac wanted to keep the IP, themselves. Which is fine. I just wish Sony had been open to letting Insomniac keep it. That game is fantastic.

notachance97d ago

hmm, so the REASON why Sony did it since WAY BACK in PS1
is because of a console which only released the next generation after that

I guess someone at Sony is a fortune teller then

Ceaser985736196d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Sony wanted to own Sunset but Insomniac didn't want to sell the IP. So they went to MS who allowed Insomniac to keep the IP .. Shame! that it didn't sell well.. Even Heavy Rain was first approached to MS who rejected it..

rainslacker96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Sony didn't reject SSoD. They wanted the IP if they funded it, which is typical of what they do if they fund a game, and Insomniac wasn't on board with that, and is the same reason why they also went with EA to make Fuse. Insomniac even said they went to Sony first, and they were willing to fund the game.

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Melankolis97d ago

And thanks to the hardcore fans who initiated and participated the petition to Sega to bring this Yakuza 5 to the west. Many gamers became aware and interested in this franchise after that.

Of course, also thanks to folks at Sony to convince Sega, finally after 5, i never have uneasiness feeling and questions whether the latest entry will be localized or not.

FallenAngel198497d ago

Didn’t we already know this since 2011?

7 years ago Toshihiro Nagoshi told Eurogamer

“At the beginning of the project we spoke to all the platform holders including Sony and Microsoft. Every platform holder was negative about this prospect, but we kept on pushing because we believed in the potential, and as we kept going one platform holder that showed interest and saw the prospects of this title was Sony."

Why is this being iterated again?

SickSinceSix97d ago

I'd assume because Yakuza 0 just got released on PC

zivtheawesome97d ago

Because of the latest success of the franchise with zero and Kiwami and with the new pc release, MS and Nintendo are once again interested in the series, but they rejected it back then.

TheColbertinator97d ago

To be honest only the Playstation 2 was indeed the best place to establish Yakuza. Games back then were nurtured and more experimental.

Yakuza continues to be a great series regardless of Sony's efforts to stifle the creative minds of the gaming industry.

Hopefully Microsoft can extend their hand to bring us Yakuza 6 with unparalled 4K graphics.

doggo8497d ago (Edited 97d ago )

"Yakuza continues to be a great series regardless of Sony's efforts to stifle the creative minds of the gaming industry."

There is about 100000 x more creative ingenuity in Sony's First party teams as opposed to publishers like EA, Microsoft and Activision. Try again later maybe.

Skull52197d ago

Yeah, turn every game into an over the shoulder view action game, real creative.

TheGoodestBoi96d ago

@Numbskull sure because Horizon, God of War, Unchartered 4 and Bloodborne are soooo alike. Heck Detroit is third person too, must a a clone just like all other third party games mentioned.

Why o why97d ago

I can't tell if he's trolling or being serious. Normally I can tell. . .

The_Sage97d ago

Oh... He's trolling. This line says it all.
"Sony's efforts to stifle the creative minds of the gaming industry."

CaptainSellers97d ago

Microsoft kills the creative minds of the industry with their push for MP and GaaS, not Sony lmao.

WeAreLegion97d ago

For anyone who doesn't know this guy yet, he is most definitely trolling. He loves getting a rise out of you all. So, just move on.

jznrpg97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Lol , MS has closed studios cancelled games because they want MP in all their games but Sony is stifling creativity?

bigmalky97d ago

You don't half talk mince.

showtimefolks96d ago

That's all you Xbox fans have is that 4k yet most AAA games aren't even native 4k on x


I guess sales prove that's what gamers want. A lot of games are over the shoulder games so what's wrong with that?

Instead of hating on Sony expect more from MS

RememberThe35796d ago

Seriously, where's my Yakuza cross play with XBox? Greedy ass Sony! I mean Sega... Wait... What am I mad about again?

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Majin-vegeta97d ago

Fighting kuze for the first time with that theme song will never get old.

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