PS4 Exclusive Metal Max Xeno Gets New Trailer All About the Beautiful Soldier Maria

Oda Non's character design is embodied by Maria, one of the playable companions that will join the protagonist's party in Metal Max Xeno.

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Fist4achin37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Have to admit that i clicked for the pic! Tank chicks rock!

rebeljoe1437d ago

There’s a porn artist that draws the exact same female models. Just look up Oda Non you’re welcomed

Servbot4137d ago

Looks like the same artist as Magna Carta and Blade and Soul. Too bad the game looks awful.

Abriael37d ago

Nah, not the same guy, that's Hyung-tae Kim, this is Oda Non.

Segata37d ago

Breasts. They discovered they exist I see.