Two Point Hospital / JTGA - Preview

JTGA: Whenever we get nostalgic longings for the PC games of old, Theme Hospital is always at the top of the list. Effortlessly charming and quintessentially British, Bullfrog’s hospital management masterpiece set a high bar, one that has arguably never been surpassed. Almost two decades later, Bullfrog and Lionhead alumni have formed a brand new studio, and are on the cusp of launching ‘Two Point Hospital’, a true spiritual successor to their underdog classic, and one of the most exciting games of 2018.

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TheOptimist97d ago

Can't wait for this game.... Used to love Theme Hospital.

JTGA97d ago

Absolutely. I nabbed it a while back when Origin were still doing their 'On the House' giveaways... it has aged so well!