Top 10 Sexy Female Characters In 2018 Video Games

Psylocke lists down the sexiest female characters in video games released in 2018 so far. Also says that to be fair, and because sexy can mean a lot of things depending on the person judging, there is no particular order within the list.

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Poopmist35d ago

Mary Jane and Kara do not look good imo.

Lynx020735d ago

MJ - I agree. But Kara looks great, imo.

Aeery35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

MJ is terrible, Kara looks nice.

shuvam0935d ago

MJ good downgraded big time...
She looked really pretty in the 2017 build though...

ziggurcat35d ago


the dev confirmed that it's the exact same model... nothing was changed.

ShadowWolf71235d ago

MJ looks the same as she always did. Multiple times. In that exact same trailer.

Y'all sad. lmao

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NecrumOddBoy35d ago

Chloe from Detroit Become Human is my waifu of the year.

TheGamez10035d ago

Agreed on mj, ugh why did u change her look insomniac?

winter_hill35d ago

They probably did it so ugly feminists won't get offended.

Casepb35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They very much changed her face... It's blatantly obvious.

ziggurcat34d ago


The dev already confirmed that they didn’t change the character model...

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TricksterArrow35d ago

Kara is really pretty. MJ is not ugly, but very bland. The previous model was prettier.

playnice35d ago

...sure but she is supposed to be a model in the original story and that version of MJ ain't model material... no offence.

rainslacker35d ago

Mary Jane. The quintessential sexy super model icon from the comic books, made into a rather ordinary looking, not ugly, but pretty average, is considered one of the sexiest video game females of 2018.

Same pretty much goes with Lara Croft in all the reboots. Shes about as average as they come, and they spend more time making her not sexy to add her to any list. I challenge anyone to even get a decent ass shot of her in ROTTR. They seem to make the camera purposefully not show it in any way.

That's actually kind of sad IMO.

The rest I don't have much of grievance with, since it's pretty subjective to begin with, but I don't agree at all with Freya.

ShadowWolf71235d ago

Bro if you think that's average... lmao

I'm so glad y'all are so privileged as to have goddesses hanging around you all the time I guess.

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Tankbusta4035d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Sexist... Where my ten hunkiest men with the largest bulge list!!!

CobraKai35d ago

Be more proactive. Instead of complaining, why not write and post your opinion on men and their bulges?

XabiDaChosenOne35d ago

Are you so antisocial that you cant pick up on sarcasm?

CobraKai35d ago

Sarcasm can’t properly be conveyed via text

haydenlake35d ago


Unless you put ‘/s’ at the end of your text.


ibrake4naps35d ago

Seems to be less guys in tight britches in games now days

CobraKai35d ago

Or was it? Dun dun duuuuuuun!!

GameBoyColor35d ago

Mary j before rework, sure. Mary j now, nah. She's more like another Andromeda female protag lol

Servbot4135d ago

I thought it was a Mass Effect character actually.

Yi-Long35d ago

Would have preferred MJ Watson looking more like her original design. Curvy, gorgeous and upbeat.

ziggurcat35d ago

her design wasn't changed... that was confirmed by the dev.

Yi-Long35d ago

Original design; As in the comics.

BioShockGX35d ago

Dude where is Kassandra from AC odyssey?

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