Prey: Mooncrash Is the Excellent Expansion I Didn't Realize I Needed – TiC Games Network

After spending weeks with Prey: Mooncrash, Samuel from TiC explains why it's one of the best expansions of 2018 and how Arkane Studios has outdone the base game.

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AK9197d ago

Agreed the expansion was amazing, I normally hate 3D procedurally generated games but Mooncrashs unique made it exciting as hell.

Volitiel97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I loved the base game (50+ hrs. played); but the "timer" and the "supposed to die" requirement in this DLC kills it for me; I'm glad I read/watched reviews about this DLC before purchasing. I liked taking my time, exploring, doing all the side quests, and avoiding/stealth killing many of the monsters; the sense of atmosphere and exploration, along with a decent story, in the sci-fi environment was phenomenal, and I wish was present in this DLC and more games.

AK9197d ago

I played both the base game and DLC, trust me even though everything you said was true Mooncrash handles it in a very smart way, The DLC is incredibly difficult but never quite feels unfair it's also quite addicting once it gets it's hooks on you.