Free Rock Band 2 Tracks Just Revealed

You know those 20 tracks that you were promised when you got Rock Band 2? They've been announced today. As you probably saw coming, none of the tracks are from the most widely known bands on earth, but they're free, and perhaps they're awesome! Here's the list:

* The 88 - "Sons and Daughters"
* Authority Zero - "No Regrets"
* Between the Buried and Me - "Prequel To The Sequel"
* The Cab - "Bounce"
* The Chevelles - "Get It On"
* The Cocktail Slippers - "Give It To Me"
* Dealership - "Database Corrupted"
* Endeverafter - "I Wanna Be Your Man"
* The Ghost Hounds - "Ashes To Fire"
* Hollywood Undead - "Young" * Kutless - "The Feeling"
* The Len Price 3 - "If I Ain't Got You"
* Lesley Roy - "I'm Gone, I'm Going"
* Opiate for the Masses - "Burn You Down"
* Semi-Precious Weapons - "Magnetic Baby"
* Shaimus - "Like a Fool"
* Thenewno2" - Crazy Tuesday"
* Tickle Me Pink - "The Time Is Wrong"
* Underoath - "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"
* X Japan - "I.V."

You'll be able to download them on November 4th using the secret code on your Rock Band 2 instruction manual.

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greenmeanie3708d ago

Unfortunately most people will not be familiar with many, if any of these artists. But free is free and I can definately say that "The 88" is a good band. I don't know if we were even expecting any better, but here it is... about time!

2paclives3708d ago

boo to harmonix...first over-pricing the ac/dc walmart exclusive pack, then releasing 20 free nobody dlc...yeah, its free, but it sucks!

Lord_Ash3708d ago

I don't know any of these songs but I hope they are fun to play, so let's wait and see.

greenmeanie3708d ago

Like I said I only know the 88, and that is a good song. Others, not sure of. But at least its finally released!

jorgeanaya0003708d ago

The only song I know is that Underoath song and it's pretty cool. Hopefully they add songs from more sub-genres of rock now, like some Fall of Troy, that would be nice.

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