Console Monster: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Console Monster writes: "Every year FIFA (EA) and Pro Evolution Soccer (Konami) go head-to-head to battle for the 'footballing crown' each year. Many would say FIFA has taken the crown in recent years but have Konami done enough this year to ensure FIFA's reign ends? Read on to find out.

After insertion of the disc your eyes are greeted to a rather bright menu screen featuring some funky designs. I personally feel it doesn't suit the game's slightly dull and boring style but that could just be me being finical. Another feature I felt didn't suit the game is the game's soundtrack which doesn't have any songs that stand out compared to the four-letter F word (FIFA)..."

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PopEmUp3708d ago

it funny when this game been review by the hater of the franchise and fifa fans, how pathetic can this really be

Wriggy3708d ago

How do you know the reviewer hates Pro Evolution Soccer or is a FIFA fanboy?

He only suggests "Many would say FIFA has taken the crown in recent years..." as that is the general assumption. There's always going to be people who disagree, such as yourself.

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