Game Revolution: SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation Review

Game Revolution writes: "Bad news, dear gamers.

The evil sorcerer SOCOM: Confrontation has kidnapped the beautiful Princess Enjoying-this-Game. You, stouthearted gamer, are tasked with rescuing the princess from the clutches of this foul fiend.

In order to rescue Princess Enjoying-this-Game, you'll first need to pass through the Mighty Gates of the Lengthy Install, followed immediately by a grueling climb up the Cliffs of Lengthy Patch Download. Once you've traversed that barrier, you'll then have to wade through the Sluggish Swamps of Server Lists trying desperately to find an open server. Once beyond that obstacle, you'll have to muck your way through the Pits of Poorly Designed Controls. Past those lie the Pools of Graphical Despond, and just on the farther shore-barely visible through the Cloudy Mists of Perpetual Lag-you see the Glorious Fields of Mediocre Gameplay. And finally, after your long and perilous journey, as you enter the Castle Freeze-n-Crash, you frustratingly realize that the beautiful Princess Enjoying-this-Game is in another castle."

+ Great headset functionality
+ Occasionally strategic gameplay
- Way too difficult to start playing
- Awkward control mechanics
- Frequent lock-ups and crashes
- Cliché game types
- Laggy menus
- Lots of pop-in

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heyheyhey3703d ago

does "multiple patches incoming" mean nothing to you dumbasses??

i know it's not right shipping an unfinished game... but surely it doesn't deserve this level of punishment?

The gaming GOD3703d ago

Watch how many it will sell. The kind of following socom has will tell you it doesn't matter what the media says. This game will still sell plenty

ultimolu3702d ago

The game will still sell. I walked into my local game store and just saw a guy put down some cash for the entire set.

One must wonder about the level of journalism these days.

PimpHandStrong3702d ago

the numbers of hardcore Socom players if you where to judge server numbers is around 60,000

PSN will see far more buys then retail! Count on it

Socom will sell but it will not top 1million at retail! With it busted ppl will find something else to play and thats the truth!

Slant Six is going to need to learn magic because the beta was busted and they had what? 3 patchs?

Its a simple fact! Slant Six has a small team that did 2 PSP games! Sony sold the franchise short and they will lose ppl because of it

Monkey5213697d ago

Anyways, If you have ever been to You would understand that Socom Confrontation averages 100,000 user log ons a day. With all the lag and server issues going on, I say that's a lot of people. Now, imagine how many people will play once Slant Six fixes it? I've been to countless forums where people say they will not buy the game until it's finished with patches. I say that it is highly possible that it could break 1000000 at retail once everything is ready.